Note: it is a 3 articles and u can choose 1 topic like Decision making & leadership And u can writing 2 article this topic and u can choose1 article our own choose related to this topic . You can writing References .this is the impotent. thanks pinal What does this task involve? Read 3 articles (or book chapters) on a topic or issue in Management and prepare an annotated bibliography (word limit: 200 words each article) The annotated bibliography should include: Full reference details for the article A summary of the main points/arguments presented in the article (1 paragraph) Your evaluation of the article – i.e. strengths/weaknesses (1 paragraph) Topic: Effective management – What makes a good manager? Possible areas of investigation: Social responsibility and ethics in management Globalisation and management Using Information technology and communication (ICT) Leading in organizations Managerial decision making Managing a diverse team Dealing with Problems Other as agreed with teacher What is the word limit? Your annotated bibliography should consist of 3 entries of no more than 200 words each. In other words, the annotated bibliography should not exceed 600 words in total. How will my work be assessed? You will be assessed on how well you have met the following overall criteria: Demonstrated understanding of main points in articles related to a topic/issue in management Ability to write a well-organised summary of existing research on Management Demonstrated ability to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of articles Ability to apply academic conventions for referencing Ability to write clearly in well-constructed sentences Appropriate use of a range of discipline-specific and general vocabulary Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation You will be using the work you have done for the annotated bibliography in the essay fo Task 2 at the end of semester. What resources can I use? The materials handed out in class are valuable resources, as are the texts and resources listed below: *Please note: You do not have to use these particular resources. These are just listed to help you get started. You may prefer to find other (more appropriate) resources for your topic. Decision making & leadership Cappelli, P., Singh, H., Singh, J., & Useem, M. (2010, March). Leadership lessons from India. Harvard Business Review, 90-97. Davenport, T.H. (2009, November). Make better decisions. Harvard Business Review, 117-123. Ekaterini, G. (2010). The impact of leadership styles on four variables of executives workforce. International Journal of Business and management, 5(6), 3-16. Lee, P., Gillespie, N., Mann, L., & Wearing, A. (2010). Leadership and trust: The effect on knowledge sharing and team performance. Management Learning, 41(4), 473-491. Nayar, V. (2010, June). A Maverick CEO explains how he persuaded his team to leap into the future. Harvard Business Review, 110-113. Roberto, M.A. (2004). Strategic decision-making processe.s. Group & Organization Management, 29 (4), 625-657. Schminke, M., Wells, D., Peyrefitte, J., & Sebora, T. (2002). Leadership and ethics in work groups: A longitudinal assessment. Group & Organization Management, 27(2), 272-293. Wageman, R., & Nunes, D. (2010). Deciding how to decide, Chief, URL: other (more appropriate) resources for your topic. View Less >>
This article was written in a formal style and presents several most challenging management and leadership issues. This article focuses on the CEO leadership in the fast changing IT pace and the global economy. The author has experimented on various mechanisms for facilitating active management learning including the “living whiteboard” of Jim Barton. In that whiteboard, a set of management principles and a running list of ideas related with it are presented. This article contains various theories associated with management, relevant practices and case studies that facilitate readers in becoming a successful manager having a great potential to organize the company and lead it in a better way. All the cases reflect upon the diverse experiences of the author throughout his career Get solution

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