EDUC6132 – Semester 2 (2017) Assignment 2 EDUC 6132 Supervision and mentoring of teachers Assignment Two- 35% Task- Critical analysis exploring your organisation related to readings, practice and research. Development of a PD session. Style- as an academic paper/presentation Length – 2000 words maximum Due date and time: Sunday 12th November 2017 11:59 PM Please submit as per instructions on BB This task requires you to write a critical analysis-style response analysing/exploring your organisation in relation to supervision and mentoring. Relate this to readings, your practice, and the current research on supervision and mentoring of teachers. The response should show a direct link to content and issues raised in the course:-Supervisors’ and mentors’ knowledge of learners and learning or Mentors’ knowledge of curriculum and teaching or Supervisors’ and mentors’ knowledge of contexts and purposes. You may also like to look at, “How might supervision and mentoring practices support the professional learning of graduate and other teachers to enhance pedagogy and assessment?”, “What does social justice and equity have to do with the supervision and mentoring of teachers?”, “How might effective supervision and mentoring programs be employed in the induction of graduate teachers?”, “What kinds of supervision and mentoring practices are needed to complement understanding and demonstrating the AITSL Professional Teaching Standards?”. (1000 words) Based on your analysis this task requires you to develop a PowerPoint presentation to be used in your organisation as a Professional Development (PD) session. You may wish to think about: – What implications are there for you as a supervisor/mentor and for the development of effective supervision and mentoring programs in your organisation? What recommendations would you make (to both yourself and others) for future directions in supervision and mentoring research and practice? (Equivalent to 1000 words) View Less >>
Introduction Mentoring is referred to a complex process between the learners and teachers that enhances reflective and independent thinking. Mentoring is an intricate and long-term process in which a one-to- one relationship is established for providing information and beyond. Supervision in the field of teaching is considered to be the process in which instructional practice is improved. It can be said that supervision is the process in which teachers are empowered to reflect on their teaching based on a non-judgmental perspective to improve their instructional delivery (Lombardi, Get solution

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