EDUC6023 Dr Rachel Burke Page 1 EDUC6023: Assignment 2 Task You will be given three (3) critical incidents involving some type of intercultural misunderstanding in the classroom. For each incident you will be asked to: · describe the possible causes for the misunderstanding (for example, different attitudes to authority or contrasting ideas about the role of the teacher, attitudes to uncertainty etc.); and · present some recommendations for resolving the incident Ensure you base your discussion on theories regarding intercultural communication and language learning. Critical Incidents Incident 1 1. Brian works in a school where certain subjects are streamed. He is used to discussing student placement within these streams and was not surprised when a student came to him after class one day and asked to be advanced to the next level. Given that the student was struggling to pass the assessment in the current class, Brian advised him to stay put. The student replied with a simple ‘Yes’, smiled and walked away. Brian was very surprised and frustrated however, when just one week later the same student presented with the same request. Again, Brian explained the reasons for why he could not allow the student to advance. Again the student smiled and said ‘Yes’. Brian thought that he had perhaps gotten his message across and the matter would not be raised again. However, just two days later the student returned with the same request. Brian was puzzled as to what was happening. Can you suggest an explanation for this situation? Incident 2 2. Julia is a teacher at a co-ed, public high school in Sydney. She has several international students in her year twelve modern history class. Julia is sensitive to the needs of ESL students, and always takes extra time during to ask the students if they need any additional support or explanation. Invariably the students will refuse any extra help during class. This is despite Julia’s insistence that if there is any need for clarification it should be asked during class time. Julia is surprised by the fact that, despite refusing her offer of assistance in class, the international students frequently followed her after class or came to the staff room during lunch to ask questions. Julia is happy to help her students, however with very little time to prepare for the next class, as well as EDUC6023 Dr Rachel Burke Page 2 playground duties and other commitments; she simply doesn’t have time to assist outside of class. Julia wondered why the students did not ask these questions during the lesson. Can you suggest an explanation for this situation? Incident 3 3. Anita has started working at an English Language College. She has been placed in charge of coordinating the intermediate English classes and as such, is required to meet with the other program convenors at the weekly executive meeting. At one meeting, Anita’s Head Teacher raised the issue of ordering textbooks. She announced that, as was established practice at the college, textbooks would not be ordered until the week before semester commenced when student numbers were confirmed. Anita was concerned with this arrangement as it would mean she would have to teach for several weeks without textbooks. She politely raised her hand and addressed the Head Teacher, requesting that – given she was new to the College – she be permitted to order the intermediate texts in time for week one. Upon making this request, Anita noticed the atmosphere in the room alter immediately. Her colleagues appeared uncomfortable and the Head Teacher smiled and said ‘We will see’ and moved on to the next item on the agenda. No one addressed Anita again for the rest of the meeting. Can you suggest what has happened here? View Less >>
Introduction The aspect of Intercultural Misunderstanding would be discussed to see how it impacts the relationship between two individuals. In this paper, three critical incidents would be analyzed with an aim to identify the actual causes that led to the rise of intercultural misunderstanding in the classroom (Nakayama and Halualani, 2011). Furthermore, recommendation and solutions would also be provided through the use of various intercultural communication theories to improve the situation in the classroom. Get solution

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