BUS800 S1 2018 Seminar Topic 1 BUS800 E-Commerce Strategy Seminar Topic Report and Presentation Week 7a 1. Students just need to answer the questions. Eg, Q1, Q2…Q3….etc 2. No need for an executive summary, background, introduction, body and conclusion. 3. The foundation for the answers are in the articles posted on iLearn. Students will also need to source other information. 4. 3000 words (max. word count). The word count excludes references and appendix. 5. Please ensure your report includes at least 6 references, by which 3 are reputable industry reports/articles and 3 are academic articles. 6. Use APA / Harvard Referencing Method to reference information 7. 1.5 point space and 12 point font. 8. Upload onto Turnitin in iLearn by the due date. 9. No hard (printed) copy needed. —————————————————————————————————- BUS800 S1 2018 Seminar Topic 2 Questions 1. What would you recommend to Woolworths (large Grocery Retailer in Australia regarding the use of Digital Media, a. Paid Media (eg, SEM, advertising,etc). b. Owned Media (eg, SEO, websites, etc) c. Earned Media (eg, social media, sharing, liking, viewing, etc) ……..so it adds value at the different stages of the customer buying process? Use examples (and screenshots / images) in your answers. 2. How would you apply mobile commerce methods to assist Woolworths in achieving its goal to make consumers purchase their retail products via smart phones and tablets? Use examples (and screenshots / images) in your answers. 3. What payment methods would you advise Woolworths to adopt to gaining new customer wishing to use digital channels to search and buy products and services. View Less >>
Out of the three paid media could be given least budgetary provision while other two options could be given equal budgetary provisions. In the paid media option in app advertisements can be a very important element which cannot be ignored with the increased relevance of apps for various uses. Today there is a flurry of apps available in the online world and people use apps for various applications in day to day life. Get solution

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