“Many mentorships end with unfinished business. Healthy closure is of a mentorship rare. Mentors either fail to understand the necessity of planning to end the mentorship on a positive note or actively avoid the pain and sadness that sometimes accompany saying goodbye.” What personal qualities/skills shoulda mentor possess? What specific skills do you have that could be useful as a mentor? What interests/hobbies do you have that could be the basis for developing a mentoring relationship? View Less >>
The process of mentoring is one of the rigorous processes and it constantly involves inputs from the supporting experienced person (Cleary, 2017). Through the mentoring approach, it provides advice and assistance which would be approached to the less experienced person. It involves constant monitoring which would help to achieve the final goal which would be the centre around the personal or professional life. As per the four main stages focusing on the mentoring relationship, it should also be subjective to the mode of the preparing, negotiating, enabling and closure (Barrett,2017). The main focus of the assignment is to introduce and be able to provide a deeper understanding that would be related to the four main stages. It provides alignment with the necessary in place that can also provide a successful mentor-mentee relationship. The movie also shows how there is a constant negotiation process that would be central to build with the phase of a mentoring relationship (Parker, 2017). This is also around the boundaries, rules and focuses on the agreements that can so develop with the relationship. through the Million Dollar Baby, one can so see how Frank initially had a no inclination or the interest with the training Maggie and after a consequent efforts, as she was a weak female but with the time and the efforts, it has also helped in building with Maggie’s hard work that has gradually build with the support and the training part to her (Anthony, 2013).   Get solution

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