Whittlesea needs to achieve a balance between short-term expenditure and long-term service provision which is reflected in their implementation principles. How well do you think these principles currently align with this need? What, if anything, would you change or add to the principles to improve the outcomes obtained Whittlesea has a large proportion of non-English speaking residents. How could you use current technology to assist these residents? What technology-based innovations might you expect to see the city implement in this area over the next five years. Local government is heavily reliant on specialised skills in geographic information systems. What difficulties do you anticipate this would create when attracting, recruiting and retaining staff Why is the provision of .fibre-optic cabling important? What tangible benefits does it provide to the residents of Whittlesea. Server virtualisation has provided a good return on investment for Whittlesea. What is the potential downside of large-scale virtualisation projects such as this one. View Less >>
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