One important aspect of community work, whether in a local government setting, a large government department or an NGO, is to ‘brief’ decision makers on an important issue or situation. A briefing paper aims to provide a concise and coherent explanation of the issue and it must also provide relevant information to enable a decision to be made. Often briefing papers demonstrate the need to change a current policy approach, to form a new policy or cease a current policy. Students are to submit a briefing paper that relates to a specific policy area. It should include 1. A clear statement of the purpose of the policy brief2. A concise summary of the issue3. Identification of the available policy options4. Recommendations for change backed up by evidence5. A reference list. View Less >>
The policy briefs are considered to be distinctive from a research paper in communicating practical research implications to the specific audience. In the current policy brief, the focus is made on an increasing number of domestic violence in Australia, which is affecting especially children as well as spouses of the family. Young women, pregnant women and Indigenous women of Australia are at high risk of domestic violence in present days. The purpose of the present policy brief is to highlight domestic violence issue of Australia. In addition to this, policy brief sheds light on different policies set up by the Australian Government for mitigating the mentioned issue. The issue of domestic violence is highlighted in the current policy brief for emphasizing the condition of Australian people, especially women. Get solution

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