For this purpose, you are required to choose an established company (preferably a New Zealand company) and undertake the following tasks: 1. Discuss why a functional strategy important and is dependent on corporate and business strategies. 2. Prepare a strategic functional plan that clearly shows your functional goals, objectives and resources 3. Identify control measures/metrics (include timeline) to help you implement and evaluate your functional plan. 4. Identify and discuss two challenges that the board of directors might face in in implementing your recommendation/s and how do plan to overcome them. 5. Discuss how the knowledge that you gained in the strategic planning in this particular field is useful to you in your career. View Less >>
This assignment highlights the importance of various techniques and methods of strategic management, out of all theories and techniques of strategic management the concept about the analysis of strategic management is an important one and in this report, we are going to discuss the various theories of functional level strategic management. Get solution

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