Discuss the work of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and discuss the most significant influence it has on British literary history. Please be sure to maintain third person perspective Develop an essay of 1000 words. Be sure to argue a particular point of view in your essay (your thesis) and cite varied examples from the readings in MLA format in order to support your perspective. Include a works cited page. View Less >>
The work of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is one such novel which talks about the story of Marlow’s job as he was an ivory transporter in Congo. This novel is based on the genre of frame story which shows colonial literature and even explores the dark potential that human hearts hold. This story is different from the usual novels that one reads. Since in this story, there isn’t any first person, the entire story is narrated by an anonymous individual. This novel is a great piece of work for students who study history and literature. The novel comprises of various themes such as psychological, metaphysical and imperial as well. It was Joseph Conrad’s experiences in the dark state of Congo that made him write the novel of Heart of Darkness. This novel is a combination of well written ideas and deep meaning of life and is one of those novels that has been read for more than a century now. There is literal critics that is involved in novels and books like these (Hawkins 286-299). There is also assumption of anti-imperialism that results in aspects that have undergone analyses and even aspects that comprise of narratives that hover special attention on the attitude with which such novels are written. The two most influential characters of the novel namely Marlow and Kurtz bring a sense of hope in the lives of the people. They have major aspects of light and civilised elements even if they belong to the backward society. They are established and characterised as really intelligent, well-educated and highly refined gentlemen. With the presence of brutal nature of people living in Congo, there is enforcement of resort to life as being a murderer or even a pilferer. The entire concept of the novel also considers this notion that people don’t need help from those who already have self-disciplined attitude towards life Get solution

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