Digital forensics assignment writing help Online

Digital forensics assignment writing help

Digital forensics assignment writing

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Digital forensics assignment writing help Online

Digital forensics assignment writing help Online

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An overview of digital forensics

Digital forensics is the scientific investigation of digital devices related to computer crime. Digital forensics is used in situations where cybercrime is involved. Investigators collect data from electronic devices to conduct their investigations.

Digital forensics assignment writing help Online

Digital forensics assignment writing help Online

Sub-disciplines in digital forensics

Network forensics

Network forensics refers to investigations of traffic in a network suspected to be involved in cybercrime. Investigators use network forensics to track communications between parties.

Techniques used in network forensics should meet all the legal and technical requirements. Still, the methods should satisfy the rules of evidence which states that it should be Admissible, Authentic, Reliable, Complete, and Believable

Memory forensics

Memory forensics involves the analysis of volatile data in the memory dump of a computer.

Volatile data is the type of data stored temporarily in a running computer. Volatile data is often lost when the computer is shut down.

Sources of data in Memory forensic

  • Passwords and usernames- passwords and usernames are used to access accounts. The information can be stored in the physical memory of a system.
  • open clipboard- copied or pasted information, email contents, chat sessions, and form entries can all be found in the open clipboard


Digital image forensics

Digital image forensics recovers the history of images, to validate their originality. Images are being modified widely, for malicious intentions. Digital image forensics aims at manipulating such intentions and detecting forgery. Fake images can be created by use of copy-move or splicing

Mobile devices forensics

In mobile device forensics, mobile devices are acquired and analyzed to gather investigative evidence. Some of the information that can be obtained from the devices includes:

  • Audio files, pictures, and videos
  • Call history and text messages
  • Documents and spreadsheets
  • To-do lists, calendars, and notes
  • Passwords and swipe cords
  • Browsing history, cookies, and analytics information

How investigation is conducted using digital forensics

There are a variety of methods used when conducting forensics investigations. One of them involves the following steps:

Policy and procedure development

Digital evidence is highly delicate. Cyber security experts come up with guidelines and procedures to be followed during the investigation.  Some instructions can also be laid out in the procedure segment. Some of these instructions may include the period the experts should collect the evidence, preparation for evidence retrieval, and storage of retrieved evidence.

Assessment of evidence

In this stage, sources of evidence are assessed. The assessment helps in determining how the next steps will be carried out according to the complexity of the investigation. The investigators should have a clear understanding of the case they are working on and its classification in types of cybercrimes. They should also investigate the source of the data before using it as evidence.

Acquisition of evidence

For a digital forensic investigation to be successful there has to be a sound plan for getting evidence. A lot of documentation is required before, during, and after the evidence has been acquired. The process has to be done legally and deliberately. The gathered evidence should also be recorded and stored safely. Improper handling can result in alteration or damage since digital evidence is very delicate.


Examination of evidence

In this stage, the evidence is recovered from its storage is then interpreted and organized in a logical format. Data having timelines and hidden files are types of information that are considered as very useful by investigators. In the evidence examination stage, forensic investigators work closely with lawyers and other trained personnel to understand investigative actions that are allowed and the kind of information that can serve as evidence.

Documentation and reporting

Forensic investigators keep a record of all the activities involved in the investigation, methods used for collecting and storing data, and all activities involved in the acquisition, examination, and assessment of the evidence. This ensures that they have adhered to the set guidelines and also their integrity in user data preservation.

With the use of digital forensics, criminal activities conducted online are appropriately investigated. Experts in this field play critical roles in helping governments, private entities, corporates, and law enforcement agencies to reduce cyber threats.

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