You will be required to identify and analyse a contemporary health issue that requires attention and action at a local or national level. The health issue should reflect a primary health care orientation. You will then be required to develop a program that will bring about positive change in the area. In developing this program, please ensure that you will discuss the various stages of planning, implementation and evaluation of the program, and how these stages have been informed by relevant theories. View Less >>
Diabetes is one of the fastest growing chronic diseases in the whole world. Especially, type 2 diabetes today reached an epidemic proportion worldwide and in NSW it poses a big challenge to public health systems. The biggest burden often falls on and indigenous people and on socially disadvantaged groups. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) of NSW has experienced disproportionately extreme levels of type2 diabetes (Azzopardi et al., 2012). They are almost three times likely to have type 2diabetes than in non-Australian indigenous residents, as well as ATSI women,  are twice as probable to develop gestational diabetes as the non-Indigenous women. Get solution

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