• Refrences that will guide uNew Royal Adelaide Hospital• Google search “royal adelaide hospital project agreement”Check the Government of South Australia Auditor General Department report (2015 and 2017 Supplementary report).• Report of the Auditor General Supplementary Report for year ended 30 June 2017 from:https://www.audit.sa.gov.au/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=qNJw81Pt27M%3D&tabid=452&portalid=0&mid=1477&forcedownload=truehttps://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-24/new-royal-adelaide-hospital-all-you-need-to-know/8206416• ABC News, Scopelianos, S. (updated 8 May 2017). New Royal Adelaide Hospital to open in September. Retrieved from: http://www.abc.net.au/news/20170508/new royaladelaidehospitaltoopeninseptember/8505808.!on:!29/06/2017• Government of South Australia. (2015). Report of the Auditor-General. Retrieved from https://www.audit.sa.gov.au/publications/annual-reports/2015-reports• • Government of South Australia. (2018). New Royal Adelaide Hospital: March 2018. Report of the Auditor-General. Retrieved from: https://www.audit.sa.gov.au/publications/annual-reports/2018-reports• KPMG Internacional. (2017). What Works The triple win, Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships for Universal Healthcare. Retrieved from https://assets.kpmg.com/content/dam/kpmg/xx/pdf/2017/08/what-works-the-triple-win.pdf• Varano, J. (2017). The New Royal Adelaide hospital: a case study in blowouts, red tape and union influence. Retrieved from https://ipa.org.au/publications-ipa/freedomwatch/new-royal-adelaide-hospital-case-study-blow-outs-red-tape-union-influence QuestionPart 1: Infrastructure Project Life Cycle,Part 2: Managing Infrastructure Project Performance,Part 3: Asset Management and Sustainability, andPart 4: Infrastructure Project Security and Safety.Part 1Particular attention should be paid to reference material addressing control processes, quality management, risk management, supply chain management and project leadership. As a guide, the case study analysis should address the following requirements:• Explain the approach project leadership utilised to manage the project. How was quality integrated into the project management function?• Describe the risks associated with this project and the assessment of these risks. Explain what was done to mitigate/manage these risks throughout the project life cycle.• Explain how the project leadership managed the supply chains for the project. Were there any difficulties in integrating quality management and control processes into supply chain network?• Explain if leadership integrated quality into the process and if so, how?• Describe what tools might have been used in the project’s life cycle to aid in the above tasks.• Identify opportunities for best practice improvement in the management of the project’s life cycle.• Were any infrastructure support systems put in place for the project?Part 2You will note a focus on the definition of project performance, the importance of building high performance teams, monitoring and controlling performance risks, monitoring and managing the supply chain of an infrastructure project, and approaches to project procurement. As a guide, the case study analysis should address the following requirements:• Explain how the project defined project performance• Explain how the project monitored and controlled the project’s performance risks• Explain how the project monitors and manages the performance of the supply chain in the project• Explain if there is a relationship between the approaches to procurement and the infrastructure project’s actual performance• Did the project utilise an integrated project team that promoted project performance? Is there a link between team building and project performance?• Do you think there were opportunities for improvement in the management of the project? Describe what improvements you would suggest. Part 3The emphasis is on asset maintenance and sustainability-based management throughout the complete life cycle from planning to post completion. As a guide, the case study analysis should address the following requirements:• Explain the commissioning steps for the project• Explain how project leadership managed the following:• Contract handover and sign-off• Infrastructure maintenance issues• Strategic planning for maintenance• Explain the techniques the project utilised for maintenance management• What methods and techniques did the project use for managing the critical infrastructure and the assets from a sustainability perspective? What are the best practice approaches to asset management?Part 4You will note an emphasis on safety and security from different perspectives including facility vulnerability, safety considerations after disaster events, disaster management information system requirements and decision-making tools, contamination/hazard sites and contingency models. As a guide, the case study analysis should address the following requirements:• What were some of the broader operational issues for the project?• Were there any strategies in place for dealing with safety and security threats?• How did the project identify security and safety threats? What methods were used?• Were there any safety and security issues and, if so, what was the project management response to these issues and how were they managed?• Do you think the project leadership had the ability and disposition to deal with serious safety and security issues on the project?• What types of techniques were used for safety and security management?In considering these requirements, always be mindful of, and reflect on, the findings and the lessons learnt from the case study and how they can be applied in your own personal development and professional career. Highlight any specific instances where your strengths and limitations as a project manager have been identified. View Less >>
Introduction Large infrastructure development requires proper planning, bigger public-private partnership, financing, phase-wise strategy development, analysis, following standard safety measures and other important elements. Most of this caution should be maintained before handing over the mega structure to the Government or certifying for public use. Often, such projects are challenged by unwanted technical, financial, strategic problems and brainstorming solutions are required to complete the task within the stipulated time or less delay or plausible minimum financial expenditures. Each such project remains a lifetime experience and practical learning session for the stakeholders and the development participants. One such recent project is considered as the case study here.This case study is related to the Government of South Australia’s largest project of recent times, i.e., development of the facility of New Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH). This is an ambitious project to render healthcare facility to the public.  Get solution

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