You are opening a restaurant in the QVB buildingand need to establish customer’s needs and requirments. Describe how you will identify the needs of your customer’s. Please download the attached file. View Less >>
Identifying the needs of the customers is an extremely important element in the service sector. While opening a restaurant, the target customer segment is to be first identified. Then it is important to draw upon their demographics, lifestyle, spending capacity and food habits along with their likes and dislikes. This forms the basis of identification of the needs of the customers. It helps in understanding their requirements and accordingly design the food, ambience and service of the restaurant. Answer 2 For each of the groups below, it would be possible to identify their needs and design menus accordingly as follows: a. Business people on lunch break in CBD: They would want something filling and nutritious. The menu should be based on whole wheat bread sandwiches with multiple topping options which combine meat and vegetables. b. Tourist visiting South Bank in Melbourne:  They would want a beverage to quench their thirst or freshen them up. The menu should have the options of tea, coffee and doughnuts or cookies to go with it. c. Couples having dinner on valentine’s day: They would need exotic food. The menu should consist of wines, champagne, starters, salads, meat and vegetable dishes for main course along with brown rice. Desert should also be included. Get solution

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