Pick an organisation that you know, or about which you can obtain information, from the Telecommunication industry (e.g., Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, etc.). Assume you have been hired as process analyst to assist the organisation with a number of BPM initiatives associated with their current strategies, information systems implementations, and other improvement drivers. The first task to be undertaken is to understand how the organisation operates by designing a process architecture that reflects the current core operating business processes. Specifically you will focus on the following: development of new products/ services, marketing, sales and delivery of products/ services, and customer services. You will then be recommending specific processes for a BPM improvement initiative. View Less >>
This assignment is based on proper research and analysis for which various sources of educational websites have been used from the internet. This assignment focuses on presenting a report so that one can demonstrate the understanding of process designing by the architectures in order to highlight the different approaches for a specific business case. The business case which is analyzed is of a telecommunication industry namely Vodafone. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis was done so that responses and arguments could be presented in order to support the report by using additional sources and sources of various community based industry. Therefore, this assignment focuses on identifying the various processes of business which will help in the explanation of the link between the strategies of the organization and the various processes adopted by the organization. This assignment also focuses on explaining the way one should approach to the process architecture so that the best technique to design can be selected. And lastly the assignment focuses on recommending processes so that they can focus on improvement initiatives of future Business Process Management. The assignment concludes how important is the role of process architectures in the process management of business initiatives. This assignment contains a brief introduction to the telecommunication industry, a model of process landscape which identifies the case types and functions of the business by explaining the case and focusing on ways in which the case can be developed and explaining the guidance used for further elaboration. The assignment also includes recommendations to improve initiative for a Business Process Management (BPM) of certain processes which are specific. Images and explanation of a Web Sphere model which includes two processes are a part of the report below.  Lastly, a proper conclusion on the report, recommendations and a reference list has been provides in this assignment. Get solution

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