Describing the Role of Technology in an Organization: Analyze the role of technology in an organization where you—or a friend or family member—have worked. What kinds of communication technology do you use most? What are some of the newest communication technologies introduced there? What kinds of technology upgrades do you wish would be made? Are certain kinds of technology used for certain situations? (for instance, are layoffs announced face-to-face or by e-mail?) What kinds of data security measures are in force? Has anyone gotten in trouble for misuse of technology? What should an organization have in their policy regarding employee use of technology? As a group, submit one write-up, consisting of three pages. Page 1 – The final write-up. Page 2 – Your references should be cited in APA format. Page 3 – In table format, include what each person submitted to the group individually. List each person alphabetically by last name. You may use Google Docs to organize your group’s work. View Less >>
Introduction The role of technology in a business organization is discussed here. The efficiency and help that the technology gives to the staffs along with the misuse of it are discussed (Baker, 2012). The case of Amazon US is taken here which is an organization based on online retails. The information for the discussion was gathered from two Amazon employees who are my from my friend’s circle. Those two friends of mine are interviewed regarding their communication methods in the business procedures. Get solution

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