Describe parasites that are found in Guyana. (3 protozoa and 3 Helminthes) Include- epidemiology, rates of infection and methods of detection used in Guyana, treatments inGuyana.References APA format, Times New Romans, justify, line. View Less >>
Introduction. Intestinal Parasites are the bacteria stayreplicate in gastrointestinal system of an individual.Intestinal parasites donate more to ill health in most countries that are developing. However, there has been numerous research over the study of this problem in the Caribbean, comprising of implementing programs that will help to control the issues, this common study  has taken very long time to happen inGuyana. However, an objective inthisresearch was to find out the intestinal parasite that usually occur among early life of children in themajor  interior parts of Guyana. Where 84 young children aging atleast twelve years wereanalyzed and evaluated commonlyfor the internalparasite, majorly in Mahdia a known place in Guyana (McConnell,2011). The sample of the  stool were preserved well and transported in presence of the  reagent called formalin to the microbiology department that usually deal with the branch of biology that deals with the microorganism, that normal have the influence on the human being. Get solution

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