Describe a Miscommunication from a movie or TV Episode? Think about a recent movie or TV episode you observed. Select a scene that involved a miscommunication. Ideally, it should include a conversation that might occur in the workplace. Based on this conversation, do the following:1. Summarize the conversation in one paragraph.2. Analyze the conversation in terms of the following components of the interpersonal communication process: encoding, decoding, physical noise, physiological noise, psychological noise, semantic noise, and filter of lifetime experiences.3. Describe at least three strategies the characters in the conversation could have adopted to increase shared meaning and avoid miscommunication. Describe these strategies in terms of reducing noise and adapting to the filters of others. View Less >>
This episode begins with playful Twilight intrigues that attempt to start a fire. The purpose of this firing is to inform the office workers how unplanned they are if there were a fire in the building. This fire results in the utter panic and fury of yelling. Firstly, the workers experience a situation of message overload. It refers to the situation in which an individual is flooded with multiple messages at a single time that he/she is unable to process information from it. It is considered as a barrier that prevents the workers to exit from the building safely. They were unable to exit from the building as they were involved in selectively hearing that results in performing those things that they love to listen. Get solution

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