This assignment builds on the project charter. The project management plan is the core of the project. It is the integrated framework which includes the management plans from all of the project management knowledge areas. It ties these management plans together into a collective whole which is then used to manage the project through to completion. The project plan is a detailed document and as such your assessment should provide enough detailed planning to complete the proposed project, it will also provide some academic grounding. As an individual, you will produce a project management plan, from one of the scenarios given in assessment 1. You may either build on your existing charter, or choose to develop a different project scenario from the same list as follows: The renovation of level 1 in the OPAIC building into a full suite of computer laboratories. The project can take between 6 and 12 months, and should not disturb the current class timetable. The development of a new website for the OPAIC professional projects programme, including pages to advertise the programme and course material, and the availability to access the website from all devices. A 2 day OPAIC open day event to showcase all courses, including workshops, and information sessions on study options, graduates speaking about their chosen career path, key speakers from OPAIC management and refreshments. You will also need a run sheet for both days. A café area on level 8 of the OPAIC building, with outside balcony seating area. Include the ability for a working kitchen and bar area where hospitality students can practice both barista and bar tending skills. DESCRIPTION The purpose of this assessment is to give you an opportunity to apply your understanding of Project Management principles, tools and techniques covered in class by developing a Project Plan. Remember that the objective is to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts. This is an academic piece so you will need to use a narrative to explain the managerial implications in each section. The academic narrative is as important as your application of the tools and systems of the course to your project plan. A Project Management plan should include the following; Title page Introduction Project Management Approach Project Scope and management plan Schedule Baseline and Work Breakdown Structure – Provide both Gantt and Network diagrams with key resources against work packages and schedule/staffing management Include in your plan a list of scheduled items / activities or events relating to Iwi or Maori protocols that an organization may need to use before or during your project Milestone list Change management plan Communication management plan Cost baseline and management plan Procurement management plan Quality baseline and management plan Risk management plan including risk register Project approval requirement List of references Appendices View Less >>
In the era of tight competition, unstable business market, constant changes of business trends, up gradation of technology, corporate governance and factors of PESTEL (political, economy, social, technology, environment, and law) it becomes crucial to take the decision for the respective company regarding its investment. How, when, why and what- these all are an important elements every company needs to consider prior to investment. It determines the future of the company and its sustainability. Along with, it is also an important part to know the significance for the financial ratios and implementation with the time as they are connected to the investment strategy and financial operation of the business. This assignment will point out various financial ratios of the Netflix. It will highlight the investment strategy of the company with the suggestion of implement and recommendation. This report will also go through on its financial operation and its regulation with some core tips and tricks for implement and justification. Get solution

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