Dealing with Negative Clients assignment and this is the informations: An executive at one of your largest client companies is known for his negative attitude. He is feared for his sharp tongue and scathing attacks, and he bullies everyone. Everyone you know, including yourself, is afraid of him. Unfortunately, he is also the one who decides whether or not you get your annual contract. Your contract is up for renewal, and you have some new services you think his company would like. In your group, discuss at least four ways to handle Mr. Bully. Write up your two best to share with the whole class. Also write up the reasons you think these two approaches will work. Share your two approaches with the whole class, as a short write-up. As a group, submit one write-up, consisting of three pages. Page 1 – The final write-up. Page 2 – Your references should be cited in APA format. Page 3 – In table format, include what each person submitted to the group individually. List each person alphabetically by last name. You may use Google Docs to organize your group’s work. and you guys have to do these assignments on microsoft word and for the Dealing with Negative Clients assignment Word document using Times New Roman font, size 12, in response to the assignment description. View Less >>
Introduction One of the problems of organizations and individuals today is bullying faced in the work environment, may it be by peers, superiors or clients. According to human resource professionals, behaviour directed towards intimidation and abuse is the most eccentric ethical misconduct in the workplace (“Workplace Bullying Policy”, n.d. )According to workplace bullying institute, the bullying attitude is signified by mistreatment of the targets in the form of offensive behaviour, verbal. Such attitude causes the target to get threatened, intimidated and threatened and Get solution

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