Cultural Safety Essay Respond to the following assessment tasks: Step 1 (written in third-person)Demonstrate your understanding of the following key concepts: a) Compare and contrast personal racism and systemic/institutional racism. b) Briefly discuss the power dynamics associated with the concept of whiteness and describe how it may relate to contemporary nursing practice in Australia. c) Compare and contrast the concepts of cultural safety and cultural competence. Step 2 (written in the third person)Discuss how institutional racism has been enacted and perpetuated throughout Australia’s history, particularly in regards to Indigenous peoples’ access to adequate health care, education, and employment. Describe how these actions relate to the concept of white privilege. Step 3 (written in the third person)Discuss how culturally safe nursing practice does address personal and institutional racism that impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ access to health care. View Less >>
Individual racism is defined as a type of racism where discrimination is characterized by the personal(Scott, 2007) attitude, preferences, and beliefs, etc of the people for other individuals. These beliefs of the people make them decide if a certain group of people or community is inferior or superior and these beliefs develop due to certain stereotypes they possess or the behavior that they have developed over time. Get solution

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