Standard 1 of the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice outlines the requirement for nurses to use best available evidence for safe, quality practice and to develop that practice through reflection on experiences, knowledge, actions, feelings and beliefs. The aim of this essay is for students to critically reflect on a nursing related event reported in the media and, using the NSQHS standards developed by ACQSHC (Australian Commission for Quality and Safety in Healthcare), identify what nurses might do to improve their practice and reduce the risk of a similar error. View Less >>
Introduction The problem mentioned in this case study is relatively straightforward, yet is of great importance. What is considered to be extremely unlikely on the part of a medical practitioner, this case brings to life those very accidents?While we understand the tedious nature of the medical profession, and sometimes how tiring and overwhelming it can be, it still has the potential to risk the life of a person, and in this case two.Critical Reflection has become an important part of any academicians journey these days, especially in the contemporary nursing environment. It has become the bases of evidence-practice, self-reflection and problem solving for various situations that have started coming up in the nursing and healthcare environment. It involves a critical analysis of nursing events, and responses to those events after studying the situation in-depth and coming up with solutions for the same. Thus, it is essential that the benefits of critical reflection are recognised and employed to transform healthcare settings. ” Reflection When we understand this event in detail, we come to the realisation of how human error can cost people their lives. It not only ruins (or ends) the life of the person affected, but also people related to him or her and the person who committed the mistake.This very incident took place in two steps: first, when the labels of the blood samples were exchanged and second when the patient, who realised that there was something failed to correct the nurse (ABC News, 2003)From this incident, two things can be inferred with precision. First, the nurse or the technician who collected the sample was definitely either distracted or did not bother to  Get solution

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