In summary, your Critical Reflection Assignment should look like this: Description: brief description of the incident/situation, by which you were directly involved or observed. ½ – 1 page (approx.) Analysis: Looking at the situation from 5 perspectives (empirical, esthetic, ethics, personal, sociopolitical). Note, some perspectives may be much more in depth, some not applicable (please acknowledge this in some way). Use theory to validate your statements. This allows you to explore best practice literature and research. 2 – 3 pages (approx.) Summary: What are your next steps? What did you learn from this reflection? What will you change in your practice? ½ -1 page (approx.) References: will be required, APA formatting is expected for academic integrity but will not be graded on APA. View Less >>
When I went for my patient research a day before my shift, I decided to choose A.Q as of my one patients because she would be in postpartum for at least twenty-four hours. I made this choice with a hope that I will give a holistic and build rapport with this patient, baby and her family. Get solution

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