Introduction and assessment task Actions are dictated by values. Identifying organisational values – both proclaimed and actual -will assist an organisation to ensure that most, if not all, its actions are commensurate with thesevalues, and enable it to put in place a robust structure to support the ‘operationalisation’ of its values. Many governances and CSR problems for multinationals and companies trading far from their home base, for example, arise because of differing value systems. A values audit helps anorganisation to establish clear guidelines about the limits of acceptable behaviour which are consistent worldwide, while recognizing where appropriate local social differences. In other words, a values audit articulates the core values of an organisation, and assesses the consistency of their internal and external application: internal with respect to what the company or organisation says about itself in its various documents, such as statements about mission and conduct; external with respect to how they act in their host societies and internationally. A values audit always begins internally, with a review of ‘paper’, ‘processes’ and ‘people.’ The findings of the audit are then tested out with stakeholder groups, to ensure that the values base is one which is shared by, or at the least acceptable to, key stakeholders. The results provide important management information, and can (and ideally should) be used to report on the organisation’s social and/or governance performance, either as part of the Annual Report or as a supplementary report. Please download the attached file. View Less >>
Telstra is amongst the most popular telecommunications and information service companies of Australia. The company provides a wide array of services associated with communications and effectively compete in various markets of telecommunication. If the services provided by the Company in Australia are considered, it includes mobile services to almost 15.8 million, services of fixed voice up to 7.7 million, and services of retail fixed broadband up to services 2.8 million. The company works on the belief that if there is better connection between the people, they are endowed with more and more opportunities that they can crack upon. The company, therefore, works towards facilitating the generation of a gleaming future of connectivity for all of the people, for each and every day. To achieve this aim, the Company builds up on the content and technology solutions, which are quite simple as well as easy to be uses, together with the leading, prevalent, and fastest mobile network in Australia. The Company claims that it makes all the efforts for serving, understanding, as well as knowing the customers better in comparison to any other service provider, with regards to which, the company proclaims offers of choice in digital connection, together with the digital content. This understanding and concern for the customers including the wide range of the products that it offers, the company has been able to make international presence in 15 countries all over the world. Telstra promotes on the fact that there is increased opportunity for the well connected governments, businesses, individuals, and communities in the 21st century. Telstra believes that with its services, it is supporting and assisting the customers in enhancing the various methods that they lead their lives as well as work through connection. (Telstra, 2014) Get solution

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