Choose one of the following and write a response:The contingency view of management is considered the unifying theory of management. Discuss. Or In Chester Barnard’s view, an organisation can be ‘efficient’ without being ‘effective’.Discuss Discuss your answer, with reference to the key relevant theoretical contributions and academic studies that were reviewed during the semester. Please use at least 5 academic references, mainly academic journals, published books and the reading list for the subject. View Less >>
The contingent theory of management is developed on the idea that the effectiveness of the management is depending on the application of the management behavior. In other words, the management can change the way of managing the employees depending on the need or situation.The contingent theory of management was developed on the basis of the leadership effectiveness theory. According to this theory, the effectiveness of the leadership is based on the task motivation and relation motivation (Pindur,W and Sandra, E, n.d.). Both of these motivations are measured by the Least Preferred co worker (LPC) Scale. Under this scale, the manager was asked to give rating to the person to whom they least like working with. The rating is up to point 8. For example, a rating of 8 would mean that the manager enjoys working with the employee and he is very cooperating. And a rating of 1would means that the manger does not enjoy working with the employee and he is not cooperating. If the employee gets a higher rating, then he is able to maintain harmony within the organization. Get solution

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