ASSIGNMENT BRIEF Conduct an analysis of the identified areas of elder abuse/carer neglect, legal implications and ethical principles from the Case: Findings of the Inquest into the death of Marcia Clark. SECTION ONE: Patient Safety (700 words) Conduct an analysis of elder abuse and carer neglect identified in the Coroner case. This analysis should include definitions of elder abuse and carer neglect; the key presenting concerns that lead to the establishment of elder abuse and the key presenting factors that the Coroner identifies with potential carer neglect occurring prior to Marcia Clark’s admission to hospital.  Use relevant and recent literature to assist your critique that relates to elder abuse and patient care standards in Australia. Validate your points with literature related to elder abuse and palliative care in the community. Discuss the role of the registered nurse, knowledge, communication, monitoring, family meetings, reporting, accountability, delegation and responsibility. (Minimum of four references) SECTION TWO: Legal Implications of Elder Abuse. (650 words)  Explain the legal implications of elder abuse. How do laws relating to elder abuse work in practice, for the registered nurse working with families in the community setting? Discuss the components of the law that outline the legal role of the registered nurse when dealing with acts of elder abuse/carer neglect. Outline the elements that a registered nurse would need to report in order to advance a complaint relating to elder abuse. What key factors would substantiate this claim in the Coroner Case of Mrs Marcia Clark? (Minimum of three references) SECTION THREE: Ethical Issues (650 words)  Discuss ethical issues relating to carer neglect in relation to the care provided at home by Mrs Clark’s daughter, Nardia. Critique the actions of Mrs Clark’s daughter, Nardia and the resulting care provided by theGeneral Practitioner using the principles of ethics; justice, beneficence, autonomy, nonmaleficence confidentiality. Discuss the role of RN in the General Practice setting when coordinating care for families caring for loved ones at home. Discuss the ethical implications of maintaining a safe level of nursing practice that ensures justice for Marcia Clark and her daughter Nardia, through an obligation of being fair and respectful. (Minimum of three references) GUIDELINES TO ADDRESS ASSIGNMENT There is a noted absence of nursing staff in the Coroner’s Report. There are a number of areas where the role of the registered nurse would have offered support, guidance and help in caring for an individual in the community setting. This assignment requires students to think about the role of theRN in the situation that is presented. In the report of the Inquest into the death of Marcia Clark, the Coroner identified the obvious neglect in basic cares that occurred. The cause of death was noted by the Coroner as the combined effects of severe malnutrition and infection. There were many questions and circumstances surrounding the death of Marcia Clark with the Coroner outlining the manner of death is natural causes after a period of being neglected by her carer. It is both the areas of neglect and abuse that have been raised throughout the Coroners Case presented. This assignment requires students to focus on elder abuse and carer neglect as they relate to the concept of law and ethics in health care. The absence of the registered nurse raises questions as to the role of the nurse in a community situation. View Less >>
Section 1 Patient Safety     The Coroner’s case as presented here brings in the case of elder abuse and carer neglect due to which the 83 year old Marcia Clark dies. This case points out the inefficiency and lack of interest of the carer in taking good care of the elderly person and also points out the miserable condition in which Marcia Clark was found. This section however mainly talks about the key factors or the siutaion that lead to elder abuse and also the key neglect issues by the carer who is Nardia, the daughter of Marcia Clark in this context. Other than this the definition of elder abuse and carer neglect are also referred to in this paper. Elder abuse does not occur in a day rather it is a prolonged process where due to neglect and negligence towards the deteriorating health and medical condition of the elders this phenomenon occurs (Townsend & Morgan, 2017). As per the article by Sund elder abuse is defined as being thoughtless, being careless and concern less about the health of the elders. This is all about overlooking the medical need and assistance of elders and leaving them on their own (Sund et al., 2016).  The Australian government has a basic standard for elderly health care and that includes personal care of the elderly person, lifestyle supervision, home care facilities, old age support and safety principle, management and accountability (Chang, 2015).  As per the article by Townsend & Morgan, it can be said that palliative care is often not taken seriously and is often not implemented properly like in this case where pain, the physical health condition and the health environment of the patient are denied. All these are required to meet the elderly health care standard and if these are not followed that accounts to negligence and neglect of the elderly person (Townsend & Morgan, 2017). In this case of Marcia Clark it is seen that how key factors like untidy living environment, unsafe living environment, lack of medical aid, prolonged skin infection, poor ventilated room, poor hygiene and negligence from Nardia has lead to the condition or situation of elder abuse and also has brought in the case of carer neglect. Elder abuse can be intentional and can be non-intentional as well and in this case it seems to be both as on hand Nardia seems to be very forgetful about her mother’s medical history and could not provide accurate details about how and when she developed skin infection that lead to bed sore and on the other hand she seems to have intentionally kept the hygiene of the room where Marcia was there very poor and also kept the elderly person malnourished due to which she could not move properly (Townsend & Morgan, 2017). Elder abuse can also be defined as lack of appropriate action and lack of appropriate care from the one who are in a relationship with the elder. The same has happened in this case also and thereby the condition of Marcia has degraded so much (Aruga,  Saito & Aoki, 2018). The article by Aruga,  Saito & Aoki defines carer neglect to be a serious offence as this is all about leaving an elderly person in a miserable condition and paying no heeds to his or her condition and circumstances as well. As per the article by Chang it is known or can be said that a carer is meant for taking care of the elderly person and neglecting that responsibility and that duty is an offence in itself. Carer neglect can be defined to be an insensible way of looking after elder health, elder health requirements and medical requirements as all these are purposely neglected by the carer, knowing the fact that this can lead to a severe consequence (Chang, 2015). Marcia was admitted to Manning Base Hospital in Taree and prior to this as per the reading of the Corner’s case it is known that situations like elder abuse and carer neglect brought her to this position and she eventually died three days after her admission in the hospital (Aruga,  Saito & Aoki, 2018). The time when the paramedics reached her place they were shocked to see her condition. She was living in a filthy atmosphere with untidy bed sheets, urine on the bed, feces, zero hygiene in the room and was suffering from serious ski infection as well. She was malnourished and could not move her leg also, she hardly could speak and her whole body also became very stiff.  Get solution

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