Computer organization and architecture online 

Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer organization and architecture deals with the different parts in a computer system, the way they work and their is a subject of interest to students in the electronic and computer science field. It is a very complex field

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Computer Organization and Architecture
Computer Organization and Architecture

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What does computer Organization and architecture entail?

Computer architecture refers to the system attributes that are visible to a programmer. It deals with the operational structures of a system

Computer organization refers to the operating units and their connection to form the architecture deals with significant concepts such as control unit, memory organization, input and output unit, and RISC/SISC

A computer has a complex system. Nowadays, they come in many forms. There are options to suit everyone’s needs.

Computer organization and architecture
Computer organization and architecture

Functions of a computer

The main functions of a computer includes

Processing of data

The data a computer process is available in many forms. The computer processes it and makes it readable.

Storage of data

Files of data are stored in a computer for retrieval and update.

Movement of data

The computer receives and sends out data to other devices connected to it. This is usually referred to as input and output. When data is moved between long distances, the process is known as data communication.


A computer has a control unit that manages its resources.

Functional blocks of a computer

They include:

Input unit

This is the most basic function. A user can enter the data into a database or spreadsheet. Input units include devices like keyboards, mouse. When a key in a keyboard is pressed, it is automatically translated to a binary code, and then transmitted to the memory or processor.

Output unit

The unit gets information from the CPU and takes it to an external storage. Output devices include printers and speakers. Data output enables you to view photos and print documents.


Their work is to store data during and after processing. Memory can be further classified into primary and secondary memory.


This one retains data permanently or temporarily after processing. An example is the hard drive. The data amount you can store depends on the type of computer, memory, and operating system.

Arithmetic and logical unit

Arithmetic and logical unit processes data. Its major operations include addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division.

Central processing unit

This is the chip that controls a computer system. It handles complex tasks like combining multiple data pieces and ensuring that the data is safe and accurate. The capabilities of the central processing unit depend on the model of a computer.

Control unit

It checks to ordain operations and the sequence of execution of instructions.

Below are some of the topics in computer organization and architecture we offer help in:

Computer architecture                           Control hazards          name dependence

RAIDS                                                        Pipelining                        control dependence

Speculation                                          parallel applications            write strategy

Pipeline hazards                                     data dependence             cache misses

Addressing modes                                 Block identification           main memory

Announce Instructions                          cache coherence               Performance comparison                 

 Cost trends                                             the design space               restarting execution

 GPR advantages                                      Memory addressing          multiprocessors                            

 Styles of encoding                                  a simple dlx                        bus design choices                                         

 Register files                                           Read after writes              switching versus routing

Crash recovery                                      Segment cleaning                other techniques

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