Poor health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is an effect of marginalization and discrimination.Nurses can promote healthcare equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through socially inclusive nursing roles.Historical and current perspectives on the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.In O.Best,and B. Fredericks.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nursing & Midwifery Care.Australia:Cambridge. Assignment question Discuss socially inclusive nursing roles in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services that promote equitable health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. View Less >>
Social inclusion of nursing in the community controlled health care services is significant for promoting the importance of equitable health among the aboriginal communities. This is because it would help in providing and equal access to healthcare services and would also promote the need to adopt preventive healthcare measures among them.In this study,the importance of healthcare services and nursing facilities has been discussed in relation to Torres Strait Islander and aboriginal people of Australia. Relationship between social factors,nursing and primary health care services has been analysed.Moreover the study has also evaluated the symptoms,risk and functional status in the management of communities or individuals. Get solution

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