This section is based on the following case study which can be accessed viathe CIS3009 StudyDesk Course readings – DiReCt link (in the upper left-hand column). Brown, V & Vessey, I 2001, ‘Nibco’s “Big Bang”‘, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1-42. As an external consultant, you have been hired by NIBCO to conduct an analysis of the effectiveness of the processes NIBCO undertook in choosing SAP as its ERP system and to present your analysis in the case study format to NIBCO’s Leadership Triad addressed to Mr. S. Beutler. Your tasks: Read the complete case study to ensure you fully understand the SAP implementation and its outcomes. Focus on the Case Study sections VIII-XV, pp. 20-39 and use your knowledge of the Motiwalla & Thompson textbook, chapters 5-9 inclusive and at least 6 academically sound external sources, to develop your report. As the case study highlights many issues, too many to be addressed in this assignment, you are required to restrict your analysis to following topics: The implementation strategy adopted, Implementation organization and approaches used, Preparation for ‘go-live’ readiness, Provision of training, and Management of the stabilization period. Your report should end with an evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the Implementation Process (in relation to the above topics only), and a ‘lessons learned’ section to inform any future ERP purchase process. View Less >>
The following analysis is done on the effectiveness of the processes NIBCO undertook in choosing SAP as its ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. NIBCO Inc., a mid-sized manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings headquartered at Elkhart, Indiana was planning to undergo a technological change in its existing legacy systems and wanted replace them with the common, integrated systems for finance, materials management, production and sales/distribution (Michelle. 2013). Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was consulted in August 1995 to help NIBCO to develop strategic information systems plan to meet its new business objectives. SAP AG was known for its software in enterprise resource planning and its R/3 was a success and thus, it was the choice which was recommended by BCG to NIBCO. NIBCO’s plan of the Big Bang approach was not supported by many consultants, though it went ahead with it and the plan was to convert to SAP R/3 at all ten plants and the four new North American distribution centres at the same time. Get solution

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