Summary from Paper Outline: Communication Analysis: For this assignment, you will be asked a set of questions about the degree to which the Internet has revolutionised the way we organise our communication. The assignment is in three sections: (1) Identify and describe communication concepts, with examples outside of the film; (2) Use these concepts to analyse two specific events, or online or face-to-face conversations in the film; (3) Discuss the implications of your findings for your own communication practices. This assignment helps meet Learning Outcomes 1 to 5. Details are below. The assignment will be marked out of 100 and is 30% of .internal assessment. We will watch a documentary film in class and students will need to apply a series of class concepts to the film’s content in an effort to understand a working context of class material Task Instructions  You will view the film. It will be shown in class over two lecture periods: W10 Tue 6 May and 5pm Wed 7 May.  You will be given a template of worksheet, along with questions to consider.  You will make notes using the template as a guide, while you view the film.  In Tutorial W10, W11, and W12 we will cover Planning, Analysis and Writing to help you complete the assignment.  You will write a 1800 to 2250 word paper as per the structure below. Assignment Instructions The written assignment is in three sections: 1. 35 marks: Describe each of the following communication concepts in your own words (i.e., no direct quotes from any source!), with examples outside of the film. Your marks will depend on how well you (a) explain each concept and (b) accurately apply the concept to an example not in the film  Hyper-connectivity  Hyper-personal communication  Online identity  Media richness theory  Media augmentation theory  You will cite sources for this section—from course texts only.  Allow 800-900 words for this section Please download the attached file. View Less >>
This a  term which is used by two famous scientists Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman which helps to see studies of person to person and also person to machine form of communication in the networked organization and societies. This term refers to the use of multiple means of communication like e mail, instant messaging, face to face contact and also web information services. Hyper connectivity is a movement in the computer networking where all the things can communicate through the network. This also encompasses person to person or machine to machine form of communication. This trend is increased by the demand and changes in the communications because of the diversity and integration regarding the new application and plans using the network. The great examples regarding hyper connectivity can be seen when around 2.8 billion mobile phones are already in use and another 1.6 are manufactured every day for use. The network will be needed so as to house a trillion devices, most of them wireless in the next fifteen to twenty years time. The sales of wireless modules for devices like sensors and machine are forecasted to grow $400 million by 2011. Get solution

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