Commercial For-Profit College Case Study: Apply knowledge gained during lectures and develop a business change proposal Background information: Put yourself in a position of an external change agent who has been hired by senior management of an international for-profit college to oversee major organisational change. Imagine the following areas have been identified as areas for improvement: environmental sustainability printing cost water consumption energy consumption errors in databases student records employee records financial records communication between departments between management and employees between peers IT infrastructure ICT hardware LAN and wireless network speed photocopy machines used within the business student engagement and pass rate low attendance low pass rate high plagiarism Objectives to be achieved at the college by the end of 2017: reduce printing cost by 50% reduce water consumption by 40% reduce energy consumption by 25% reduce errors in student and employee records by 99% reduce errors in financial records by 100% create culture of openness and transparency improve written communication between departments, and written as well as oral communication between management and employees improve interaction, sharing of knowledge and information, as well as openness, transparency, and oral communication between peers upgrade ICT hardware upgrade LAN and wireless network upgrade photocopy machines used within the business achieve student attendance of 90% achieve pass rate of minimum 75% minimise plagiarism to 0% Your task is to: brainstorm how research could be conducted and relevant data collected and analysed – data to identify root causes of the problems (speak to your lecturer to get direction how this could be done) provide solution to each problem supported by literature review and real-world examples you are aware of, case studies, business reports, etc. develop a business change proposal for the international college management Suggested structure of the report: Executive summary Table of contents Introduction Objectives to be achieved Scope and limitation of the report Background information (issues identified and analysed) Proposed operative suggestions for each problem identified and analysed, supported by literature review and real-world examples, case studies, business reports Potential risks identified for each operative suggestions provided; mitigation strategy for each risk provided; alternative suggestions (Plan B) provided Implementation plan / Action Plan provided Conclusion Recommendations for further development of the international college References Note:This is a Bachelor level assignment and you will also be marked on: overall presentation of the report (e.g. formatting, cover page, table of context, etc.) structure of the report (e.g. headings used, flow of information, etc.) quality of the report (e.g. language used, arguments presented and discussed, etc.) conclusion of the report (e.g. summary of the presented information, conclusion, recommendations made, etc.) referencing (use of external information sources, quality, validity, relevance of information, consistency of a reference style, etc.) Oral presentation: You will be required to present your assignment in class at an allocated time. the presentation to be 7 to 10 minutes (4 to 5 minutes each student) the presentation to have around 10 slides (12 slides maximum) information and graphical images used within the slides to be referenced appropriately Note: This is a third year unit and requires professional presentation, hence your will be marked also on: verbal communication (terminology, clarity of the language used, cultural sensitivity, etc. nonverbal communication (body, facial, spatial, eye, paralanguage communication) readiness to present (at an allocated time) timing and organisational skills of the group interactivity with audience and professionalism (overall impression of the presentation) View Less >>
Executive Summary Any organization cannot exist in isolation. It gets impacted by the environment around it, and equally creates an impact on the surrounding environment. The education experience delivered to the student does not only include faculty, but it also encompasses the facilities, infrastructure and the environment that the educational institute offers. With the change in external environment, the college as well needs to update itself to be competitive in the market. This report includes a change management plan for a for-profit college. The plan identifies ways of improving the education system in the organization through improvements in infrastructure,curriculum while minimizing the environmental impact. Get solution

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