Reflective Essay on “Biased Treatment Matters in Healthcare” The case study provided requires you to use the information presented in the lectures, tutorials and readings in weeks 1-4 to analyse the issues.The case study is designed to provide an opportunity for you to apply and demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained. Therefore ensure that you show that you understand key concepts in the answers that you provide. For example, instead of stating “Stress is a social determinant of health in the case study” – provide a definition of a social determinant, and explain how stress is a social factor that impacts on health and well being. View Less >>
Reflective Essay Intersectionality is a grave issue for people who are under several layers of discrimination. Strictly defined as a form discrimination in more than one forms to a person because of their gender or social status (or several other things) all at one time (McCall, 2005). It is basically overlapping of discrimination. For example, a woman of colour and a different ethnic colour is prone to sexism at her workplace, and for various reasons- being a woman, coloured and of different ethnicity than the rest. Generally, intersectionality was a term coined only for women but I believe that this term has a wider scope now, and can apply to anyone and in any condition (Devon W. Carbado, 2013). I believe that intersectionality has been a result of various social and cultural understanding, which has resulted out of an amalgamation of culture over a period of time and it will be wrong to attribute it only to a certain place. Australia has been affected with discrimination and racism for long now and the situation has worsened for bad. The plague of intersectionality has spread in Australia, and sadly has been prominent only to the women, which is an alarming site (AHRC, 2017). Women have been subjected to sexual harassment for long, and the incidents simply won’t come down.  When we talk of intersectionality, healthcare sector has not been kept safe from it as well. Healthcare sector has seen its own share of discrimination to patients based on their gender, health, colour and race which is an extremely sad state. To put it simply, doctors are as much  Get solution

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