CASE STUDY: MIA ROBERTS Mia Roberts is a 12-year-old girl brought to the emergency department by her basketball coach, Nadine. Nadine was called to Mia’s hotel room by her teammates as she became emotional and crying and stating she felt “hazy”. The coach also noticed that she was unusually quiet at the team dinner and did not eat much, in fact, had not eaten much at all for the day. Mia had been involved in an on court incident where she had been hit in the head during the second basketball game and immediately aftert he game complained of a headache, nausea and fatigue. Nadine was concerned that Mia may have concussion and brought her to the hospital. Consider this patient: A twelve (12) year old female basketball player (point guard)with no previous history of head injury or concussion. She is normally fit and well.Mia was born in the Kimberly Region in Western Australia and lived on a property with her parents on the Gibb River road until 3 years ago. Mia now attends Perth College boarding school for girls and attends an advanced maths program. Her parents David and Melissa Roberts remain on the property some 3,302km away. Together they have two daughters and Mia is the eldest child and the only child living away in boarding school. Mia enjoys boarding school but also likes returning to the property helping her parents. Patients Notes: Emergency Department. 12-year-old female brought to the emergency department after experiencing headaches, nausea, fatigue and some confusion after a hit to her head during a basketball game. Currently feeling “hazy”and states she has a headache rated at 4/10 on a pain scale. She stated she had experienced dizziness and was light headed after the hit to her head but now has a“slowed down” feeling and “not feeling right”.Her vital signs: Temperature: 36.7°C Blood Pressure: 105/87 Pulse: 81 Respiratory Rate: 20 SpO2: 98%How common is concussion in sport? Access the Australian Sports Commission, Concussion in sport and the Sports Medicine Australia concussion policy and consensus statement. Case Study: MiaRobertsBelow is the Assessment Task Please do according to the rubric .ThanksAssessment Task Clinical Reasoning Report is concussion?What happens to the brain? Task:Write a clinical reasoning report.Demonstrate your understanding of the clinical reasoning cycle by applying the first three components of the cycle to the case above.You may wish to use the following subheadings in your report. View Less >>
Introduction A concussion is a kind of brain injury that occurs when the head being blown directly and indirectly at the head, neck, face or body would cause an impulsive force transmitted to the head. It is a complex process of the physiological state that would affect the brain. A concussion is developed as mild traumatic brain injury after hitting to the head direct or indirect. The brain is protected by meanings, kind of protective membranes that found around the brain. The brain is also protected by the fluid that found in the surroundings of the brain. During the force, the brain is pressed against its internal skull would result in scratching and tearing nerve tissues inside the brain. The ions and chemical composition would imbalance that put an impact on nerve cell functions and could be the reason of losses in consciousness. Sometimes, the injury would produce a harmful chemical called free radicals result in damages of nerve cells that unable to generate essential energy for the brain.  Get solution

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