CIPD HR Homework Help

CIPD HR Homework Help

What is CIPD HR Course?

CIPD is an independent entity that aims to improve efficiency of human resource professionals. CIPD in full is Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. Incase you are interested in growing in the human resource profession, you should be trained and efficient. This goes for those planning to set up business firms.

CIPD HR Homework Help

CIPD HR Homework Help

CIPD qualification is a crucial part in the competency of human resource professionals. CIPD was established approximately 100 years ago. It is a nonprofit organization that is integrated in the Royal Chartered.

CIPD began as an organization purposed for the human resource sector in Ireland and the UK.  However, it has since expanded to every corner of the world. Today, CIPD also has its offices in the Middle East and Asia.

CIPD aids in the growth of human resource professionals by carrying out human resource researches and improving issues on development for both the government and employer. This results in the improvement of the productivity of human resource.

CIPD is a professional body that offers membership to HR professionals. Upon completion of CIPD qualification, human resource professionals gain membership. The type of membership offered is dependent on the type of qualification attained.

CIPD was started around 1913 with its headquarters in Wimbledon, London. CIPD is the world’s oldest institution that provides training for human resource and leaning and development professionals.

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CIPD offers courses as;

  1. Diploma – diploma in CIPD covers a wide range of subjects.
  2. Certificate – this course only offers the important and basic subjects.
  3. Awards – in this course, the courses/subjects offered are small size and mostly offer qualification for a single module.

Stages of CIPD

CIPD qualification has three major stages i.e.

  1. Foundation level – this is the level that introduces human resource professionals to CIPD qualification. It is for beginners. The foundation level offers new experience and skills to those with little knowledge. At this stage, learners learn about the basics of HR & L&D. The foundation level covers the level three of CIPD. The foundation level is suitable for those at the entry level or those beginning their career in the HR profession. The foundation level takes approximately 6 to 9 months. Get the best CIPD HR homework help for your assignments in the foundation level.
  2. Intermediate level – the intermediate level is the undergraduate level. This level is designed for those with some experience and knowledge of the human resource field. Students learn the major areas and build on their skills. the intermediate level is equal to level five of CIPD. Upon completion of this level, one becomes an associate member of CIPD. Most human resource professionals go for this level to polish their knowledge and skills in specific areas. Hire us today for your intermediate level CIPD HR homework help.
  3. Advanced level – once you successfully complete this stage, you gain CIPD membership and gain prestigious status. This is the last level. It is equal to the post-graduate level. Those who complete this level come out as strategic and experienced human resource managers. Key skills developed in this stage are decision making skills. This level is equal to the level seven of CIPD. The advanced level equips you with the skills needed in high level strategies making in senior levels in human resource and learning and development. This level is recommended for those with a lot of experience in human resource and learning and development and are looking into getting promoted. The advanced level takes a period of two years. Visit our website at for all your advanced level CIPD HR homework help.

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CIPD Topics at CIPD HR Homework Help

Common topics in CIPD handled by our CIPD HR homework helpers at are;

  • Leadership, management and business skills
  • Recruitment
  • Workforce strategy
  • Human resource management
  • Reward and benefits
  • Contextual critical thinking
  • Leading and monitoring
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Employment law and employee relations
  • Organizational development and design
  • Approaches to organization practice

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CIPD HR Homework Help

CIPD HR Homework Help

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