CIPD Accreditation Homework Help

CIPD Accreditation Homework Help

What is CIPD?

CIPD is a professional body that offers membership to human resource professionals from all over the world. Upon completion of CIPD qualification, human resource professionals gain membership. The type of membership gained is dependent on the type of qualification attained.

CIPD Accreditation Homework Help

CIPD Accreditation Homework Help


CIPD is a non-profit organization that was started more than 100 years ago. CIPD began in Ireland and the UK and was initially meant for the human resource sector. However, it has since expanded globally with offices in the Middle East and Asia.

CIPD was started around 1913 with its headquarters in Wimbledon, London. CIPD is known to be the oldest institution in the world that provides training for human resource and leaning and development professionals.

The abbreviation CIPD stands for Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.  This is an independent entity that aims to enhance competency in the human resource profession. It is important for individuals intending to set up a business firm or to grow their HR profession. CIPD helps them to acquire important training and the competency required.

There are three types of qualification in CIPD. These are the foundation level, intermediate level and the advanced level qualifications.  They also known as level three, level five and level 7 respectively.

A brief summary of these levels;

  1. Level three – this level is the foundation for the other two levels. It is suitable for people at the entry level or those working in positions of support function. This level should be a starting point for those who are new in the HR field.
  2. Level five – in this level, people are offered intermediate training. It is suitable for those who are already working as HR and would want to enhance and learn more skills as well gain knowledge in human resources. This is the most preferred level for most human resource officers.
  3. Level seven -this is the most advanced level. It is suitable for those intending to offer advice to companies or other HR managers as consultants. Knowledge gained in this level is used by HR managers to nurture other employees.

Structure of CIPD

All the levels of CIPD have 3 structures. These are;

  1. Award – in this structure, students can only choose one area of human resource.
  2. Certificate – in this level, students get to study many topics associated with human resource management. They can focus on more than one topic.
  3. Diploma – in diploma, students can learn various topics from the basics of human resource to more advanced levels.

Significance of CIPD Accreditation

There are a number of benefits that come with attaining a CIPD certification. These include;

  1. CIPD membership – certification in CIPD enables one to become a member of the CIPD. Their type of membership is dependent on their type of CIPD qualification.
  2. Knowledge and skills – CIPD accreditation covers various aspects of HR. One gets the opportunity to learn the skills needed to access the labor market, the aspects of staff management such as retirement and lawful dismissal, staff retention, HR planning and documentation and more.
  3. More commitment to HR profession – having a CIPD certification affirms the commitment of a person to a career in HR.
  4. Increased salary – skills gained once one has completed a CIPD certification makes them to be more efficient and productive in their service delivery hence earning them a better pay.
  5. Global recognition of CIPD qualification – certification in CIPD is recognized globally. With these certifications, one has higher chances of landing a job anywhere in the world. CIPD certifications help in validating a person’s skills and helps them to stand out.

Challenges Facing CIPD Accreditation Students

CIPD students face numerous challenges when it comes to writing CIPD accreditation homework. These are;

  • Deciding on and choosing a reliable website for their CIPD accreditation homework help is a challenge to some students. Finding one that is affordable can be a problem too.
  • Sometime students are given assignments on short notice and this becomes a problem since they cannot write these assignments on such a short notice.
  • Some students will feel that their professors do not give them enough attention in class.
  • Students who travel abroad often face the challenge of language barrier if they do not understand the language being used. This will give them a hard time when it comes to understanding subjects that are taught in classes.
  • Lack of enough research materials on CIPD accreditation forces students to greatly rely on online resources for their assignments. Some of these resources are not genuine and students who rely on them end up failing their assignments.
  • Students might have no idea on how to compose their assignments without copy-pasting. Making sure that assignments are error free is a challenge to some students.


CIPD Accreditation Assignment Help

CIPD Level 3 Accreditation Homework Help

CIPD level three is the foundation level in CIPD accreditation. It is the level most suitable for students with little or no prior skills and knowledge of human resource. Those with some experience could also begin at this level.

CIPD level 3 is equivalent to the A level. It takes the same time and has the same complexity as the A level. CIPD level three is further classified into awards, certificates and diplomas. At this level, students are free to choose one key area from human resource and learning and development. Upon completion, students can expand their career prospects.

CIPD Level 5 Accreditation Homework Help

CIPD level 5 is the intermediate level. It is suitable for students with background knowledge of patterns and rules of human resource. Level 5 is equivalent to the undergraduate level. It is suitable for students with no experience but have some insights in human resource and learning and development.

CIPD level 5 accreditation takes a year. It has the same number of courses as CIPD level 3. Level 5 teaches the various perspectives of human resource. These perspectives are decision making, problem solving, organizational practice, professionally supervising subordinates and critical analytical skills. completion of CIPD level 5 qualifies you to be an associate member of CIPD.

CIPD Level 7 Accreditation Homework Help

Level 7 is also known as the advanced level. This level is designed for senior human resource professionals and those in strategic positions. It is equal to the post graduate level. It is suitable for those who have already attained CIPD foundation and intermediate levels.

Upon completion of CIPD level 7, once attains the rank of a Chartered Member that is an indication of great significance in the world of human resource.


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CIPD Accreditation Homework Help

CIPD Accreditation Homework Help

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