Imagine that you are the representative of a country capable of developing nuclear weapons but which has decided not to do so – say Switzerland or Canada ( which gave up possession of US suppliedweapoms). You are to address the United Nations. In your address include the following: 1. What nuclear weapons should be banned like other WMD (chemical and biological) 2. Why the proliferation of nuclear weapons is a threat to peace. 3. What efforts have been made in the past to limit nuclear weapon, and whetheryou consider these treaties sufficient or not enough. 4. What benefits there would be for a world free of nuclear weapons. 5. Steps that can be immediately taken towards this goal. Use the material and case studies we have – along with thetimelinesin module 3, Russell’s Man’s Peril speech, and additional references from the course book or goodinternetsources (see the links)” View Less >>
There are two sides to every coin. Similarly, the nuclear power can be so much a bane as much as it is a boon. On one hand, the nuclear energy can keep the world lit on the other, a single nuclear weapon can be a vehicle of mass destruction. It is now more than seventy years that a nuclear weapon was last used. It was to attack the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the World War II. Thankfully, such a nuclear holocaust has not occurred after that event. However, nations continue to bolster their nuclear defense through heavy investment in weaponry. Get solution

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