Description of Assignment This assignment consists of six tasks. The tasks systematically work through the assessment criteria. All parts must be completed in order to achieve a grade for this unit.1) Microscope drawings of plant and animal cells (class practical) and an explanation of the structure of eukaryotic cells with correct identification of organelles as seen under an electron microscope2) An explanation of the plasma membrane structure and function with correctly labelled diagrams3) An explanation of the main cellular transportation processes that occur across the plasma membrane (AC 2.2)4) An explanation of the differences and similarities between meiosis and mitosis including annotated diagrams(AC 3.1) Definitions of the main levels of organisation in a living organisms and an explanation of the levels of organisation associated with the heart and lungs6) Identification of different tissue types using microscopes (class practical) and prepared and an explanation of their structures and functions (AC 4.2) View Less >>
3.1) a) Mitosis has 4 main stages and the 4 stages are prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. Prophase is the stage where the chromosomes condenses and becomes visible and along with that nuclear envelope breaks down as well (Brzozowski et al. 2018). This is the phase where the centrosomes move toward opposite poles. Prometaphase is the end phase and this is the phase where miotic spindle microtubules attach to kinetochores. The 3rd stage of mitosis is metaphase where chromosomes are lined up at the metaphase plate and each sister chromatid is attached to a spindle fiber originating from opposite poles (Brzozowski et al. 2018). The 4th stage is anaphase where centromeres split into two and the sister chromatids are pulled towards the opposite directions. This is the process of cell division and the stages of the mitosis cycle are cited here.  3.1) b) In case of Meiosis the cell division occurs twice and each of the cells go through 4 stages of cell division. It is often referred to as prophase II, Metaphase II, Anaphase II and Telophase II as each of the stages consists of two cell divisions. Prophase is the stage where paired chromosomes condense and metaphase I is the stage where homologus chromosomes line up double file. Metaphase II is another stage where chromosomes line up single file in haploid cells Get solution

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