1:Summarize the case in 700 to 750 words. 2:In what ways is the marketing mix strategy of Kellogg creative? (300 words) 3:The 4Ps of Marketing Mix must be consistent with each other. How did Kellogg achieve this? View Less >>
The case describes the beginning of the multinational Kellogg company. It’s reason to become a market leader and the strategies adopted for maintenance of market leadership. In short, it details the success story of Kellogg and its continuous efforts to be successful. The company was founded by two Kellogg brothers in 1898. It was named as “battle creek toasted cornflake company” based on the recipe of corn flakes generated by W.K. Kellogg (one of the founding members of the company). The company had 44 employees at that time. It initiated itself with a vision to provide better for you breakfast foods. The motivation or objective set was to provide food which improves people’s health. To achieve this, it became the first company to label its product with nutritional value and Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA). Get solution

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