Undertake a study of the David Hicks case. In doing so, identify and examine : The case itself, including why Hicks was detained and the nature of his detainment  The due processes denied to Hicks Why these due processes were denied  Why it was important that these due processes were offered.  Legal referencing with footnotes View Less >>
Introduction to the David Hicks Case Terrorism is currently at an all-time high and has been so for long now. There are many people have not only been brainwashed, but few of them join the terrorist organisation in the name of their religion and believe that this is the way for them to achieve freedom and heaven after death.  However, there are often people who even after going on this path return to the right one and believe in setting things right. One such case was the case of an Australian national David Hicks who had such a trifle with the government and military of the United States of America and his home nation Australia, where apparently his human rights were violated.This case study will aim to explore the case of David Hicks and how his life turned around in certain instances from Australia to Afghanistan to the United States America to Australia, and learn the intricate nature of human right on an international level and what all came about in this sensational international case of a simple man turned terrorist turned state witness and eventually his fight for all his rights.  Background on David Hicks  David Hicks has a phenomenal story to himself of how a common man turns terrorist and how he gets back to his cause. David Hicks had a history of troubled childhood. His parents separated when he was merely 10 years old and after the remarried of his father, things started falling apart for him. His father described to him as a young restless adult who could never settle on something and would always keep switching his interests. His teachers back at school too described him in the same manner and said he was too troublesome and occasionally violent as well. This was all so because soon after he had gone to high school, he started experimenting with drugs and alcohol, which clearly had an effect on him which started reflecting on his nature.  This was very troubling since the people around him always kept complaining about him and soon started to get away from him as well. This resulted in him getting alienate even more and getting into the darker areas of his life even more.  Get solution

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