Nurses have a duty to practice ethically and morally. Maintaining safe care is the first ethical and legal duty of any hospital, and of all health care professionals. Ethical or moral conflict emerges when the nurse is unsure of which ethical principle should be applied, or even unsure of what he or she is supposed to do. Discuss the ethical principles, rules and professional issues that are involved in the following case of a registered nurse; and • describe what you would do if you were the nurse Becky and explain your actions from an ethical perspective.Mr Man (aged 80) has been admitted to a medical ward due to his stage four metastatic liver cancer. He has been given multiple treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy with limited effectiveness and has now lapsed into a coma. His medical officer-in-charge discussed with Mr Man’s daughter, Ms Man, who is Mr Man’s only family member, the decision to withhold future aggressive treatments for her father and the initiation of a palliative care plan of symptomatic control only. Ms Man did not agree with this plan of giving her father up but was offered no other choice. View Less >>
This paper highlights the ethical and moral principles of health care professionals (nurse). In addition to that, the paper also identifies the key dimensions of ethical conflicts, which could emerge, when the health care professionals do not have adequate knowledge about the ethical and unethical boundary. In order to pay attention to the key problems of ethical issues asignificant attention towards the given case study. Furthermore, the professional conduct of the nurse as a health care professional is also being discussed. From the above discussion, it has been inferred that nursing is the profession where the key principles of the nurses are to practice their profession concerning moral and ethical concerns. However, it is the efficiency and the skill of the nurses how efficiently they would tackle the ethical challenges and ethical dilemmas. It has been seen in the case study that the nurse could face an ethical dilemma. Get solution

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