Students are required to submit parts of three mini-­‐projects that relate to various business research methods. The three parts each have a different due date. Please find the attached file. View Less >>
A fast food restaurant normally puts up the information about the details of the available products on a common menu board. There are no separate table menus. All the people who go to such restaurant rely on these boards to provide them with the information regarding the food available in these restaurants. There are instances where complete information is not available on these menu boards. There may be a possibility that some items are not displayed at all and for the ones which are displayed, correct and relevant information is not provided. This report has been prepared after conducting investigation on information displayed on menu boards of McDonalds. Both the primary as well as secondary research methods have been utilized to follow Primary Research – For the purpose of collecting data for the research, a questionnaire has been used (Appendix 1.1). This questionnaire, specifically prepared for the research, contained 6 questions in total. The format for the questionnaire is multiple-choice close-ended. The reason for choosing this pattern was to find concrete and exact answers which will assist in deriving correct analysis from the questionnaire. It becomes difficult to put the open-ended questions in one set and thus may sometimes lead to inaccurate derivation. The rationale behind the questionnaire is to know the views of the customers on their confidence and trust regarding the menu boards that are displayed in the restaurant. Get solution

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