Literature ReviewTopic: The socio-economical impact of globalization on the developing country with a competitive analysis of India and Pakistan. View Less >>
Introduction Famous researchers and scholars consider Globalization to be the “Big bang” of the economy of the world. The globalization of economies means flow of Goods, services, capital, technology and manpower across borders without any trade barriers and on low tariffs. (Lee E., 2006). Globalization is a source of great powers to the countries who have adopted this policy and also a very complicated process. It has a great deal of effect over the developed as well as the developing countries in the world as the developing countries are thriving to speed up their openness in the global market. Since the 80’s, the global connectivity and integration of markets has increased.This study is to investigate the socio economic impact of globalization with competitive analysis of India and Pakistan. The two country India and Pakistan, who got separated 70 years ago, were a colony of the Great Britain; in lieu of independence (Kishor T., 2013). The impact of globalization is dual on any country whether socially or economically. Indian economy had undergone a massive boom with LPG Policy in after1990 (Pranjali S., 2015) where as in Pakistan the economic growth has suffered rapidly because of falling remittances, fast growing population, internal government conflicts, terrorism, lowering foreign direct investment, trade and budget deficit etc. Get solution

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