Need to be 8 pages Business Plan (A4 long) page that includes 1 in-detail Excel Spread-Sheet This is a real-life case. I am shortlisted for a job by an employer in Korea who wants to set up distribution business in Malaysia I need an excellent and outstanding 8 pages of Business Plan (includes Excel Spreadsheets) Please – I need a serious and an experienced person with an excellent knowledge of Business / Business Development, Project Management, Financial Accounting / Accounts, Finance and Microsoft Excel to help me out with this and not a last-minute person. T Please refer to the email / information below and the attachment that is attached below as well – that was sent to me by the employer: “Dear Candidate, We thank you for your application for the mentioned job (see below for the attached job-street advertisement) I am pleased to inform you that your application has been shortlisted for further consideration provided you fulfil the below mentioned requirement:- Firstly, we sincerely hope that you are a serious and a genuine candidate. As you are aware, this job requires the successful candidate to be:- 1. Overall in charge of setting up and the business development of the Malaysian company hand-in-hand with the Principal company in Korea. 2. Fully responsible towards the Malaysian company’s bottom line (financial) results. 3. Fully responsible towards growing the Malaysian company in a step by step and sustainable manner to success. Secondly, in order to proceed with the next step, which is the face to face interview, we require you to submit to us a well thought out, well researched and complete Business Plan (BP) you have for the company. A copy of the profile of the principal company can be obtained from the Note: Need to translate the page into English) Please read it carefully and understand it well before attempting to write the BP. It is envisaged that the Malaysian company will sell/ distribute all of their products and services here in Malaysia. Your BP shall be 8 pages (A4) long and must contain the following:- 1. JJF Co. Ltd.’s product and services- Malaysia market review. 2. Potential competitors. Market trend. Strength and weakness of JJF Co. Ltd compared with competitors. 3. Sales and marketing strategy to be employed. 4. Start-up capital and other resources required to begin the business here in Malaysia. 5. Spread sheet showing estimated/ projected for five(5) years on:- a. 1.Revenue (sales) b. 2.Cost of Sales. c. 3.Fixed Cost. d. 4.Profit. 6. 5.Additional points/your recommendations. View Less >>
1. Introduction Establishing an overseas business is not easy in the modern competitive world. Most of the companies are trying to keep their business operation steady after establishing the overseas business by installing different business and marketing strategies systematically. To exist among the other competitors in the complex market not only the goodwill of the company but also the other factors including customers satisfaction, quality of the product, features available in the product, pricing policy and the customer service invest their importance (Kokobe & Gemechu, 2016). Get solution

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