Associations between Quantitative and Qualitative Job Insecurity and Well-being Research questions De Witte et al. (2010) investigated the association of employee’s perception of quantitative and qualitative job insecurity with job satisfaction, and psychological distress in the Belgium banking sector.Job insecurity is defined as the employees’ concerns about their work-related future. There are two kinds of job insecurities, the quantitative job insecurity and the qualitative job insecurity. The quantitative job insecurity is about the threat to the continuation of the job in the future. The qualitative job insecurity is about threat to the various valued aspects of the job, such as job content or working conditions. Data collection and respondents In total, there were 69,000 employees working in the 63 Belgian banks affiliated to the sector’s joint industrial committee in 2001. As questioning all employees would be too expensive, the researchers decided to survey a sample of 15,000 employees (roughly 21%).All the 63 banks participated in the survey. About 21% of employees in each bank were invited to participate in the survey. Within each bank, the respondents were selected at random with no particular quota for gender, age or employee level. The survey was based on addresses which had been provided by the banks (name, language, address) and each randomly selected employee received a personalized envelope through regular mail, sent to him/her by the employer. The completed questionnaire needed to be returned (free of charge) through the internal post within each bank. The researchers travelled to each bank to collect the completed survey. View Less >>
Q1: Sample size The sample size for this study is fifteen thousand employees selected from a total of 69,000 bank employees (about 21% of the employees). Is a sample of this size necessary? Give your reasons. In this research study, the researcher has selected the primary data collection method to emphasise the current concern of job insecurity. Job insecurity is now a biggest issue in the workplace, where employee viewpoint is required to deal with the evaluated result, existing theorem as well as predictable outcome. In the banking sector total 69000 employees, total 15000 employees have agreed to participate in the survey process. In the current research, the researcher has tried to identify the managerial issues and the related factor, which leads to the emerging concern of job insecurity. Therefore, participation of the employees is the best solution to understand the internal issues in the banking organisation as well as managerial department. Employees can give better solution to deal with the current issues and they can display a practical fact, which are practiced in the current banking sector. However the selected sample size is not adequate to understand the current issues, which leads to the status if job insecurity. Through getting adequate data the researcher can get proper view of both managerial as well as employee attribute. Every employee has different viewpoint regarding his or her job, organisation as well as self-perception. They often do not want to express their felling due to fear or any personal issues. They think it will hamper their job or could be an issue of workplace conflict. They think such issues could be raised if the respondent’s data becomes published in external sources. Therefore, certain factors have also restricted many of the employees to participate in the survey process. However, the researcher has selected the first hand data for understanding the practical scenario, which are the major reason for current concern. Through interpretation of wide amount data, the evaluation can be effective to understand a strategic direction, which should be recognised from the managerial vision. From this standpoint, the 15000 employees are appropriate but not adequate to justify the current problem in way that is more realistic. However, the Researcher has selected proper demographical consideration to get significant response from different kind of employees such as new and experienced. Through understand their viewpoint the evaluation can be done in a systematic way.  Get solution

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