Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies. It belongs toInditex, one of the worlds largest distribution groups. The customer is at the heart of our unique business model, which includes design, production, distribution, and sales through our extensive retail network. For more information about the organization, please read the attached case study and visit the Inditex Group You are working in the Marketing Department of Zara, Sydney Office. Your Marketing Manager has asked you to undertake the project work of the company’s integrated marketing communication. Your tasks include defining the parameters of the project, using project management tools to develop and implement project plan, consulting and communicating with relevant stakeholders to generate input and engagement, finalize the project including documentation and review the project outcomes. View Less >>
The purpose of this Work Project will be to provide an analysis on Zara’s business strategy, namely its approach to marketing, in order to extract the main challenges faced by the company given the competitive environment of today’s Fast Fashion industry. The author has chosen to develop her work project as a case-study given the believed relevance it will have on future marketing courses and the added-value it may bring to the understanding of how certain companies can survive and sustain their competitive advantages through unconventional strategies in the industries they operate in. The author has also chosen to approach this theme given her interest in the industry studied and the belief that marketing courses could apply more examples on how “real world” companies apply strategies in ways that differ from the academic realm. As a result, the main intent of the Work Project will be to understand if Zara’s current marketing approach is sustainable in years to come, especially when placed against the competitive pressure from its key competitors, namely Sweden’s H&M. The main question that is sought to be answered is: “Can Zara continue to outshine competitors without waiving its unconventional approach to marketing?” Zara was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega Gaona, soon becoming the largest and most successful chain of the Galician group Inditex (Industria de DiseñoTextil) and a pioneer of Fast Fashion. The first Zara store opened in La Coruña, Spain, with the intention of “selling fashionable clothing at low prices”. The ability to produce and deliver new garments to stores in less than three weeks gives Zara its capacity to effectively respond to consumer demand within the fashion season. Zara has continuously shaped the industry; setting new ways “to do business” and proving to be an exception to the rule. The present work project will have two main sections beginning with the case narrative where the author will describe Zara’s origin, its modus operandi and compare the brand’s strategy to its competitors. In this section, the reader will be able to quickly identify what actions need to be taken and, ultimately, answer the proposed assignment questions with the information provided. Get solution

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