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Assessment Task 1 Part A Being the communications consultant a brief about the communication strategy and policy are presented here. Thereafter a short grievance procedure and also a draft mail are then presented to communicate the new working strategies and objectives of the JKL industries are presented here. Draft mail is sent to all the team members of the JKL industries that mainly deal in renting out and selling as well the small trucks, forklifts, and spare parts to industry. The organization currently deals in selling and renting but the organization wants to change its working pattern and wants to change its objectives and goals as well (Carnall 2018). The new changes that are brought in include partnership with overseas suppliers and giving them the sales right with a motto to get high profits and also help in the development and growth of the JKL industry (Dvir et al. 2015). The change in the organization is a shift from rental market to the retail market with overseas suppliers joining them so an effective communication approach and a discussion approach on this are very much needed so that the employees and the team members can be guided in the right direction (Carnall 2018). The change that is about to be implemented needs effective leadership and communication strategy as this involves guiding and managing the workforce and also dealing with the new objectives and the new policies of the organization. Change in an organization is a crucial phase and for that effective leadership management and communication strategy are very much required so that the change is smoothly implemented and brings positive outcome or result as well (Carnall 2018). The communication strategy is also required to manage and supervise the customers and stakeholders such as the overseas suppliers, the construction and logistics companies that require trucks, the employees, the management and others. Being the communications consultant a draft of the communication strategy is provided and this is as follows-Communication objectives-a)Informing the employees about the change or the shift that is going to happen in the JKL industries and clearing all their doubts b)Keeping up with positive work relationship c)Meet the new objectives with the help of effective work performances  Get solution

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