It’s a powerpoint assignment to present in class for society and culture maximum has to be a 5-minute presentationTopic which is Bratz dolls9 slides including pictures and videos Each slide has to have at least a picture or a video. View Less >>
Popular culture is an assembly of various human cultural products, such as art, music as well as literature, dance, film and literature and cyberculture along with television, which is mostly dominated by major population in society. Popular culture of Australia has appeal, accessibility, and mass. This particular term was introduced in the 19th century or controversy earlier. At the end of the Second World War, the influence of mass media drives effective social and cultural changes. In this time, the sense of popular culture began to compile with consumer’s culture and media culture. The overall focus of this study is on the evolution of Bratz dolls from the first of 19thcentury. We are intending to analyze the changes as well as the continuity of this Barbie doll, depending on the cultural change of Australian people. Various positive and negative impacts are aiming to highlight in this study. This can be concluded from the above study that, various changes are involved in Australian popular culture. The popular culture is significantly affected by American as well as British and British Descendants. Not only a positive effect but also various negative impacts are there of technology on the popular culture of Australia. Our chosen popular culture, Bratz dolls have been evolved through multiple changes and continuity. Get solution

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