Assignment task (Re branding an alcoholic drink) Revitalise (revive/regenerate) the “Chandon” champagne brand focusing on Target Market, Positioning strategy and Brand Exploration Use Harvard style referencing View Less >>
Brand management of Chandon Target Market The makers of Chandon focuses completely on the millennials when it comes to forming a target market in the niche market of alcoholic drinks. There is more concentration on introducing flavoured drinks which the younger generation enjoys. Also the tastemakers of Chandon champagne believe as well as recognise the taste preference of Chandon such that the drinks are easier to consume and those that are not too dry to the throat. They have a target market for people belonging to the age of 25-34. Apart from light drinks, they also have products that can attract the older age group of the population with drier options in drinks, thereby appealing mature end of the millennial group of people. Moreover, the target market of Chandon can be seen buying and consuming most of its products during the festivals of Christmas and New Year itself. They also focus on the ambience that is created during these festive times and try to connect themselves to year end partying times (Segran, 2014). In order to retain its millennials category of consumers, they have launched some soothing and refreshing drinks even for the hot days. They plan to launch these limited edition bottles that intend to change the thinking of consumers towards champagne. They want to make it as a sparkling wine that can be enjoyed even during the day. Get solution

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