2. Assessment Brief 2.1. Case Study“High Consumer usage of voice assistants in autos and households indicates increased comfort with technology” Wall Street Journal Cortana, Alexa, Siri and OK Google are the pioneering Brands driving the shared/retrieved information trajectory. As humans we can speak around 150 words a minute and type around 40 words per minute so voice search (capable of much higher volume) is being positioned as the ‘must-have’ technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our communications.Imagine that you are an Innovation Consultant who wishes to advise on the opportunity of‘voice search’ in the marketplace.“This market (voice-search) is estimated by Goldman Sachs at about $100 Billion today growing to $150 Billion in 2018” Business Matters, January 2, 2018 2.2. QuestionsExamine Innovation and trends within the Voice Search sector:1. Critically appraise innovation within Voice Search: Catalogue a selection (about 4) ofthe main Brands offering Voice Search and plot them onto the 4P’s model of Innovation Space (Tidd & Bessant). Use the incremental and radical scale to help illustrate the leaders and followers. Compare and contrast each Brand, clearly stating how ‘value’ is created for the user. (25 marks) 2. Critically evaluate the major innovation changes in Voice Search over the past 5-years i.e. new technology, changing market demands etc. Then in detail, evaluate how a business (of your choice) could embrace this technology for innovation potential i.e. watches, refrigerators, glasses, toasters etc: Use Coynes 3 part framework to help detail the necessary competencies and capabilities that your selected business possesses. Clearly specify their points of difference by creating a Competency Tree. (25 marks) BPP University Business School: May 20183. Develop insights into the ‘driving forces’ for creative innovation formulation forVoice Search, in the future. Think up to 10 years ahead; what can you predict and envision? Consider how our relationship with data might change and how VoiceSearch could become an integral part of products and services. Use a model of your own choosing (not the 4Ps Model of Innovation Space) to showcase your predictions.(25 marks) 2.3. Assessment Submission Structure2,500-word individual written assignment following either an essay or report style 2.4. Assessment Marking Scheme (Student Version)The assignment is marked out of 100. The following table shows the mark allocation View Less >>
Introduction  The voice search process plays a significant part of innovation towards creating brilliant ideas and the value to the organization. Voice engagement thus can present a challenge especially for the online marketers. Therefore, it can analyze that that the exploring innovation is the effective process in order to provide enhancement to the organization. Further more from the year of 2016, the accuracy rate of the Google voice recognition has tremendously raised more than the 95 percent which is much higher from the year of 2013. Hence, in perspective to the Com score, there have been more than 50 percent of the searches has the ability to perform with the innovation of the voice search technology by 2020. Alexa, Siri, cortona and Ok google are the major example of the voice search process which has been used by these industries. Hence, the current report will aim to sheds the light upon the voice search technology for defining the innovation process for the given organization.  Get solution

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