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College: UK College Of Business And Computing

Unit code: M/601/0472

 LO1 Understand networking principles:

The objective for this task is to address and exhibit understand networking principals. 

Task 1

A.C 1.1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different networking systems, types and topologies.  Analyse and clearly identify the requirements of the system for this network in order to convince the management of the given case study company.

A.C 1.2 Evaluate the impact of current network technology, communication and standards for the given case study company.

A.C 1.3 Discuss how protocols enable the effective utilization of different networking systems.

 LO2 Understand networking components

Task 2

The objective for this task is to address and exhibit understand networking components.  

A.C 2.1 discuss the role of software and hardware components for the given company case study.

A.C 2.2 discuss server types and selection requirement for the given company case study.

A.C 2.3 discuss the inter-dependence of workstation hardware with network components

LO3 Be able to design networked systems

Task 3

The objective for this task is to address and exhibit understand networking components and be able to design a network systems for the given case study.  

A.C 3.1 Design a network system diagram using MS Visio or any other tools of your choice for the given case study. In the design you should consider current and future provisions in terms of user requirements and the network infrastructure itself.

A.C 3.2 Evaluate the design you have produced for 3.1 is validated in terms of user feedback and other key factors e.g. future provision and use of proposed technology

LO4 Be able to implement and support networked systems

Task 4 

The objective for this task is to address and exhibit understand of networking by implement and support network systems for the given case study. 

A.C 4.1 Implement a network systems based on the proposed design. You are required to use means of simulation software, establish a network according to the design in task 3.

A.C 4.2 Test network systems to meet user requirements. Your testing includes functionality of the network to ensure that your developed network will operate seamlessly in a physical environment so that it can satisfy user requirements.

A.C 4.3 Document and analyse test result against expected results. While carrying out task 4.2, the testing of the network has produced a number of results. List the results you have found in task 4.2 by contrasting them with your expected results.  

A.C 4.4 Recommend potential enhancement for the networked systems. Your discussions should include how your developed network will cope with future changing needs and should address possible enhancements of your network to satisfy needs of changing future environment.

A.C 4.5 Design a maintenance schedule to support the network system. Your maintenance schedule should address various factors like personnel allocation, backup and recovery policy, maintaining security & integrity; and general administration to support the users.

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The computer network is considered as the telecommunications network that allows the different nodes in order to share the different resources. In the computer networks, the different network computing devices exchange the set of data with the other networks by using the data links. According to Felemban (2013), the proper connection in between the nodes can be established by using the wireless media or by the cable media. The devices that are mainly responsible for the route and terminate the set of data are known as the nodes.

They can include the different hosts such as the personal computers along with the servers and the cell phones. The two devices can be said that they are networked together when both the devices are capable of transferring the files to each other. Along with that, the computer networks are able to support an ample amount of applications and different kind of services such as the access to the WWW (World Wide Web), printers, shared digital audio and video along with the different storage servers (Fukuyama and Weber, 2013).

In this particular study, the Beta Communication Ltd has decided to shift in the LAN networks. The main aim of this particular study is to evaluate the importance of the LAN technology and find out the proper ways through which they can implement the system to their account. Therefore, they need to understand the different pros and cons of the technology. Along with that, the management also needs to understand the fact that how much effects the shifting should be for them. The organization need to have a set of skilled employees who can handle the system. Along with that, the study also defines the role of the hardware and the software that needs to be used in order to set up the new network for Beta Communication Ltd. Moreover, the study also provides a brief description regarding the different type of servers that might be suitable for Beta Communication Ltd and the analysis of those selections.

Task 1 

1.1 Advantage and limitations of the different networking system types and topologies

The organization Beta Communication Ltd tends to shift from the traditional process of data sharing to the LAN technology in order to share the resources properly. Therefore, the organization at first need to understand the fact that what are the suitable networking types they can afford and from that list which type would be better for them in order to maintain the proper functionality throughout the network. The different types of networking systems that can be used are LAN, MAN, WAN, SAN, WLAN, PAN. Each of the systems has their own advantage and disadvantages (Gupta, 2016). These are described below.

Local Area Network

LAN stands for Local Rea Network that mainly connects the different nodes and the other devices that are present within office premises or an office building.

 LAN connection

Figure 1: LAN connection

(Source: Wanget al. 2014)

Advantage: There is an ample amount of advantage of the LAN. One of them is the resource sharing. The different resources such as the printers along with the modems can easily be shared by using the LAN technology. According to Wanget al. (2014), this reduces the cost regarding the hardware. In addition to that, it can also share the different software applications. Along with that, it also provides an easy and cheap communication for Beta Communication Ltd so that they can manage their activities properly. Moreover, it also facilitates the security features and uses the centralized set of data so that the other workstations are able to access the set of data.

Disadvantage: The initial set up cost for the LAN system is very much high. Therefore, Beta Communication Ltd needs to think before the implementation of the system. Along with that, it can also be a threat to the privacy of the data sets as every user has the accessibility to the data sets. Along with that, if Beta Communication Ltd someday has to expand their area, then it would be tough for the management to summarize everything by implementing the LAN technology.

Metropolitan Area Network

MAN is the amalgamation of a number of small LANs that are linked together by using the high bandwidth technology such as the fibre-optic cable.

MAN architecture

Figure 2: MAN architecture

(Source: Channegowdaet al. 2013)

Advantage: Bandwidth is considered as the biggest advantage for MANs. It enhances the access speed of the different resources that are shared across via the network. In addition to that, according to Channegowdaet al. (2013), it also provides a high level of security to the organizations who deal with a large amount of data and have different branches all over the city.

Disadvantage: Cost is a disadvantageous factor for MANs. As a small telecommunications organization it would be tough for Beta Communication Ltd to implement the MAN.

Wide Area Network

The Wide Area Networks are mainly considered as the large communication networks that are able to connect the locations over a large geographical area such as the cities, countries along with continents. WANS have a great amount of resemblance with LANs; however, they are structured differently.

Advantage: WAN mainly use centralize IT infrastructure that mainly eliminates the buying of the email servers. They only need to set up the head data centre from where the authorized users can have the proper accessibility.Moreover, it also enhances the privacy of the network and the bandwidth of the overall network. Along with that, it also eliminates the need of the ISDN. In addition to that, it cuts the costs and enhances the profits for the organizations.

Disadvantage: The set up of WANs are very much complicated, therefore they are very much expensive to set up. Along with that, there are ample amounts of security issues regarding the network. Moreover, the maintenance of the network is also very much complex for the organizations.

Storage Area Network

It is a kind of network that provides a proper access to the different block-level data storage. This is mainly used in order to enhance the different storage devices such as the different disk arrays to the operating systems as the locally integrated device.

Advantage: SAN mainly allows the user to store the set of information and dynamically allocate the exact requirement that they had. Therefore, it requires a minimum amount of time to be spent on the drive for the servers and make an ample amount of space for enhancing the efficiency (Zaman and Kildal, 2014).

Disadvantage: Redundancy and the price are the two main drawbacks for the SAN.

Wireless Local Area Network

WLAN is the kind of local area network that mainly uses the radio waves as the transmission medium.

Advantage: In this technology, it is simpler to add or move workstations. Along with that, it is also easier to provide a proper connectivity in the different areas where the laying of cables is difficult. In addition to that, according to Ellisonet al. (2015), the proper access to the network can be done from any place that is within the range of the access point.

Disadvantage: Security is the most difficult part that requires no proper configuration. Along with that, with the proper change of the standards, it would be necessary to replace the access points.

Private Area Network

A personal area network is considered as the computer network that is mainly used for the data transmission in between the devices such as the tablets and the telephones. The wireless PAN is a low powered network that is mainly carried over a short distance wireless technology (Rafique et al. 2014).

Advantage: the main advantage of this network is the security. For the safety purpose, Bluetooth can be used for the file sharing.

Disadvantage: The data rate of the network is very much less than the other networks. Along with that, the range is another issue regarding the network.

When it comes to the network topology, Beta Communication Ltd need to select the proper topology based on the different aspects of them. The organization need to understand the areas in which they need to enhance their expertise and based on that they need to select the proper topology for them. The different type of network topologies is: Star topology, Mesh topology, Ring topology, Bus topology, Tree topology, Hybrid topology. 

Star topology

The star topology is mainly designed with the nodes that are connected directly to the central device that is mainly known as the network switch. Therefore, Beta Communication Ltd can easily use the star topology into their account as the LAN technology mainly works with that. It is very much easy to install and detect the different faults (Gringeri et al. 2013). However, it requires an ample amount of cabling and much more expensive than the bus topology.

Star topology

Figure 3: Star Topology

(Source: Gringeri et al. 2013)

Mesh topology

Mesh topology is the kind of topology that mainly uses its nodes in order to transmit the data to the different networks. A broken node would not distract the data transmission. It is considered as the best advantage for this topology. Along with that, this topology can also add much more nodes to the topology; however, it would not affect the network connectivity. In addition to that, this topology is also able to handle the heavy network traffic load. On the other hand, the maintenance is very tough for the employees of Beta Communication Ltd. Along with that, the management also needs to use the different devices.  

Ring topology

In this particular topology, all the nodes are connected to each other in such a way that it looks like a closed loop. This topology mainly sends and receives the data set by the help of the Token ring. The main advantage of this topology is the fact that if the data load increases, it does not hamper the performance of the topology. Along with that, it does not require a network server in order to control the network connectivity (Sezer et al. 2013). However, in contrast, if a particular node fails, then the entire network would be affected. Along with that, the speed of this topology is less than the star topology.

Bus topology

The bus topology mainly includes a main run of cable with a proper terminator at each of the ends. It is very much easy to connect a workstation or any other peripheral device to a linear bus. In addition to that, it requires a less amount of cable than the star topology. On the other hand, it is very much difficult to identify the issue over the entire network and the network would shut down if there is any minor failure in the main cable.

Tree topology

Tree topology is the integration of both the star and the bus topology. In this topology, it is easy to maintain it and find out the faults. On the other hand, it requires an ample amount of cabling.

Hybrid topology

This topology is flexible enough and it is also reliable. On the other hand, this topology is difficult to install and configure. Along with that, the cost regarding the HUB is very expensive.

Networking standards

The networking standards mainly ensure the exact interoperability of the networking technology that critically defines the rules of the entire communication process in between the different network devices that are connected to the traffic. The proper networking standards can also help to ensure the fact that the products of the different vendors such as the software or the hardware are able to work integrated in a network that have a lesser amount of risk.

There are an ample amount of networking standards available for the Beta Communication Ltd they need to choose one of them based on their effectiveness. They can choose the IEEE 802.11 standards. It is considered as a set of MAC and the physical layer requirements in order to implement the WLANs. Beta Communication Ltd can implement the 802.11af standards as it allows the bandwidth of near about 800MHz. along with that, it mainly uses the cognitive radio technology in order to transmit the different set of data.

1.2 Impact of current network technology along with communications and standards

The current network technology that Beta Communication Ltd incorporates into their account has an ample amount of impact over their business process. The organization has three different buildings that they need to connect with each other. Therefore, Beta Communication Ltd needs to implement the proper standards that can enhance their process. In addition to that, the Beta Communication Ltd can also incorporate the TCP/IP model that can enhance their business. Moreover, the Beta Communication Ltd also needs to look at the actual bandwidth that needs to be used within the network system.

In addition to that, the Beta Communication Ltd may also use the client-server architecture in which there would be one central node and the other client machines would have access to the main server in order to take out the set of important data. The organization Beta Communication Ltd also needs to maintain the proper communication in between the different buildings and in order to maintain the effective communication process they need to manage the exact bandwidth of the network traffic.

1.3 Usage of protocols regarding the proper utilization of the networking systems

The IPv4 is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol and it is the core protocol of the different standard based inter-networking methods. In addition to that, Beta Communication Ltd also uses the FTP that mainly enhances the speed of the file transfer. Along with that, the HTTP also can be used in order to enhance the business functionalities of the network (Karaboga et al. 2014). As there are ample amounts of people having the access of the network, therefore the security needs to be tight enough so that the unauthorized access of the files and the data sets can be closed.

The throughput of the particular communication system in Beta Communication Ltd can be easily get affected by different factors that include the limitations of the different physical medium that Beta Communication Ltd use. The organization can also use the SMTP in order to transfer the emails to the networks that mainly run on the proper IP addresses. It has an ample amount of advantages such as the simplicity of it. It mainly provides the simplest form of communication in between the employees of the organization.

Along with that, it also looks towards the processing speed of the email. In addition to that, this particular protocol is reliable enough so that the users find it authentic for their usage. Moreover, if Beta Communication Ltd implement the SMTP then they may go for the dedicated servers that can handle the different outgoing emails. However, some ISPs and the web mail services provide the same feature; still the organizations should use the SMTP as they are managed locally and can easily be configured to handle the important and the sensitive messages.

Task 2

2.1 Role of hardware and software components

In order to construct a LAN connection for Beta Communication Ltd., they need to implement the proper hardware components. The components are the network switches, routers, hubs, repeaters, bridges, modems along with different handheld devices and the servers. The organization need to select the devices that are appropriate for them.

The routers mainly capture the set of information that generated through the broadband connection via the modems. As Beta Communication Ltd. is a medium organization, therefore according to Eberhart (2014), the wired and the wireless routers can be suitable for them. Along with that, as Beta Communication Ltd.

is using the “Class C” IP address, therefore it would be proper for them. Both the wire and wireless routers are able to maintain the proper routing and configuration in the routing table. Along with that, it also provides the proper filtering service regarding the traffic monitoring over the outgoing packets that are based on the given IP address of the service provider of Beta Communication Ltd.

Router connection

Figure 4: Router connection

(Source: Eberhart, 2014)

When it comes to the switches, Beta Communication Ltd. needs to use the Cisco series switches in order to maintain a smoothness of their functionality. Beta Communication Ltd. can use the campus LAN switches. The 2960-X switch provides the speed of 80 Gbps and on the other hand, the 3650 series provides the speed of 160 Gbps (Boccardi et al. 2014). Therefore, the organization may use the 3650 series switches that can provide the proper transmission of data from one building to another.

Along with that, the different wireless devices such as the mobile phones, tablets can also be used in order to manage the entire network traffic. The use of 3G, 4G, and GPRS connection within the mobile phones can enhance the accessibility of the network for the employees. However, the security measures restrict them to have an access to the main server.

The different software components that Beta Communication Ltd. can use are the different client software along with the different server software. The organization need to select the software based on the prices of the product. The organization also has to consider the fact that whether they have the proper labor to handle that software or not. Beta Communication Ltd. can use the Ubuntu server for their usage. That is simple to handle and too easy to learn. Along with that, when it comes to choosing the operating system, they can use the Linux operating system as it would be compatible with the server software.

2.2 Different types of server and requirement of selection

The proper database is very much important for Beta Communication Ltd. in order handle the load of the customers and the clients. Along with that, the organization has three different buildings from where the employees need to access the database in order to have the required set of data. Therefore, Beta Communication Ltd. can use the client-server architecture. The first line support technicians can have the access to the main server.

Along with that, the network infrastructure manager also needs to have a proper access to the database along with that, as the person needs to use the video conferencing, therefore the network switches also need to be implemented in his or her workstation that has a proper bandwidth. In addition to that, the Telco product manager needs to have a safe and secure database, therefore there need to be the proper security applications for the database. Beta Communication Ltd. can use the firewalls in order to make the database safe and secure enough from the intruders.

Moreover, the second building that consists the general staffs and the ordering and the delivery section need to have the access to the client database and from there they need to handle the proper shipping process (Al-Sultan et al. 2014). In the third building, the managing director and the PA would also need to access the main server and from that, they can make out any kind of decisions regarding the organizational matter.

2.3 Interdependence of the machine’s hardware with different network components

Before implementing the different network hardware, Beta Communication Ltd. needs to look at their machine’s hardware. The internal memory needs to be high enough so that the workstations should not get slow. Along with that, the operating system Linux needs to be updated so the users find it easy to use the system. Along with that, according to Songet al. (2013), the hard drive of the workstations also needs to be compatible with the different network devices.

The network card that Beta Communication Ltd. should use also needs to be suitable enough so that it provides a proper network speed. In addition to that, the proper cabling is also necessary for the system. The different input-output devices such as the webcam also need to be set with the systems because manager needs to have the video conferencing. The permission from the ISP is also very important as based on that the entire traffic would be activated.

Task 3

3.1 Network system

Network system

Figure 5: Network architecture

(Source: Created by self)

3.2 Analysis of the user feedback

Based on the above network system, it can be said that the entire network traffic is safe because of the firewalls. Along with that, the Cisco Series switches also enhance the security measures of the entire network traffic (Javed et al. 2017). Therefore, it can be evaluated that the safety is the primary measure of Beta Communication Ltd. and they are able to maintain it properly by using the proper hardware and software devices. Along with that, the transmission of data through the router also goes through in between the switches. The two access points helps the huge amount of data to get transmitted to the test server and from that server the data is being distributed through the other workstations of the different buildings. 


After summing up the entire study, it can be evaluated that the age of advanced technology wants the different organizations to implement the advanced technologies into their account. Therefore, the Beta Communication Ltd. wants to implement the LAN connection in their organization’s different buildings. Along with that, the study also concludes the fact that it made the entire network traffic smooth enough so that the organization can maintain their business operations in the best way.

The entire study also defines the importance of the LAN architecture and the different components that are used in order to design the entire system. Moreover, the use and the configuration of the different topologies along with the network devices such as the bridges, switches, routers, hubs are also defined in this study. That can provide an ample amount of knowledge regarding the use of this components and how the employees of the organization can handle these components.