MRKT 5000 OC S1 Discussions Week 4 Concept Discussion

  • Review the web site: (Links to an external site.)
  • In this discussion, discuss how consumer behavior might be influenced by the nature of the eBay format. Do you think there are psychological influences on the buying decision process for an auction site like eBay ?
  • Many of the sellers on eBay have special distinctions, such as “eBay Top Rated Seller.” How might that rating influence a buyer.

Use marketing terminology in your responses.

Please begin your discussions by Tuesday of this week. then return to engage your classmates during the rest of the week.


MRKT 5000 OC S1 2020DiscussionsWeek 4 Concept Discussion
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MRKT 5000 OC S1 Discussions Week 4 Concept Discussion

The continuous growth of online shopping, the recent developments in B2C and C2C platforms, and the improved interactions between different online entities all contribute to the continuous growth of online auction markets (Dimoka, Hong, & Pavlou, 2012;Muthitacharoen, Claycomb, & Pelkowski, 2011;Shiau & Luo, 2012;Xu, Lin, & Shao, 2010). These ongoing devel- opment, coupled with the rapid competition from other e-com- merce platforms (Hsu, Chang, Chu, & Lee, 2014;Shiau & Luo, 2012), encourages constant reexamination and revisiting of online auction design and its effect on consumer behavior.

The eBay format absolutely has influence on consumer behavior. The format seems to mainly affect psychological influences of consumer behavior; perception, motives, learning, attitudes, personality, and self-concept. GET YOUR ASSIGNMENTS DONE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES BY TUTORS.

My first perception when I looked at the format was it was familiar.  I am not a frequent eBay customer but I do shop on Amazon frequently.  The format reminds me a lot of Amazon.  The eBay logo is in the top left corner, light background with bright contrasting colors, easy to read, promoting certain products on the front page, with a search and categories bar in small letters close to the top.  My perception was this was an easy to use format because it is similar to Amazon. 

EBay also appeals to differing motives of the consumer.  The front page is promoting several different products and even has a scrolling add across the top.  The products on the front page may attract more of the hedonic shoppers.  They may go to the page looking for one product, but because they enjoy a bargain, they may be inclined to make an impulse buy because they see the large scrolling add and feel they have found a bargain.

The category and search bar on the top draws the attention of the utilitarian shoppers.  It doesn’t need to be big because the utilitarian shopper already knows what they are looking for.  They aren’t distracted by the flashy sales promoted in large letters across the page.  They are shopping online because it’s convenient and fast therefore want something straightforward. 

The learning consumer behavior is also influenced by the eBay format.  One feature they have that promotes the learning behavior is shop with confidence which rates the seller.  Users who have bought from eBay are given the opportunity to rate the seller.  If the seller gets positive feedback, it gives other consumers confidence in the seller.  Consumers are more likely to buy from a seller with good feedback and avoid sellers with bad feedback.  “Behaviors that result in positive consequences tend to be repeated. (Pride, 2018. p. 207).

By giving the consumers an opportunity to give feedback, eBay can gauge consumer attitudes towards certain sellers.  When sellers have multiple reviewers and a high percentage of positive feedback, eBay will give the sellers incentives to keep selling and the consumer’s incentive to keep buying from that seller.  One way they reward their top sellers is by offering them titles such as “Top Rated Plus” which lets the consumer know they are a trusted seller. 


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